Subject: Healing weekend in London with Annick Brofman - June 1 - 2

Dear Friend,

We have a Body Mirror Healing Weekend course coming up in London on June 1 - 2.

If you or a friend or client need some powerful healing at this time, please get in touch with me to book a place. Here are the details of the course:

Learn the world famous Body Mirror Healing technique, developed by Martin Brofman, author of ‘Anything Can be Healed.’

1 - 2 June , 2013 with Annick Brofman.

Annick has been teaching and healing with this beautiful technique for over 20 years, and you can have a chance to experience the remarkable quality of her love, and her expertise as a teacher of these methods.

She will show you how you can:

· Understand and experience yourself as a Being of energy

· Feel and direct energy, and see energy (auras, chakras, thought forms)

· Understand the relationship between your body and your consciousness

· Understand how symptoms in the body reflect tensions in the consciousness

· Read the body as a map of consciousness, understanding the inner causes to outer symptoms.

· Understand the chakras and their associations with specific parts of the consciousness and specific parts of the body.

· Use various tools designed for healing (White Light, colours, thought forms)

· See the results of putting these techniques and tools to use.

Class hours: 9.30 am – 8.30 pm Saturday. 9.30 am – 7.30 pm Sunday approx.

Registration from 08.30 Saturday

Workshop costs: £215 1st time; £108 2nd & 3rd times; FREE 4th time

If you have done an intensive with Martin or a weekend class before then the cost of the tuition is half price for you or £108.

If you have a friend or client who would benefit from the class and would be doing it for the first time, then the cost of tuition for them is £215.


You can book now by contacting me directly on

If you have any questions email me or call me on 0781 806 1605.

See my website : for full details of the venue in Spitalfields.


Anna Parkinson