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This month is about Brow Chakra, the home of your Spirit, where your real motivations are, where you create your life, you are the dreamer dreaming his dream.

Therefore, we invite you to dream your life and live the life of your dream.
Brow Chakra

"From the center of my universe,

I see you in the center of your universe,

seeing me, seeing you” 

Meditation for two © 1980 Martin Brofman

Element associated with the Brow Chakra
“The element associated with the Brow chakra is a vibration, a non-physical element, known as the Inner Sound. It is the sound which one hears in one’s ears which does not depend upon a source in the physical world. While our Western society considers it a pathological condition whose cause is not known, the ability to hear it is considered within some of the Eastern traditions (Kriya Yoga, for example, into which I was initiated) as a prerequisite to further spiritual growth.

Within some of these traditions, there is actually an entire set of inner sounds, each one of which has a particular meaning, communicating to us something about what is happening in our experience at that time. It may be a transcendent experience accompanied by the cosmic music which to some sounds like angels singing, or that which inspired musicians like Mozart.

It may also be a sound of the intensity of energy during a process of transformation, of movement between two paradigms. It may also be experienced as a whistle, or a rushing sound, or a ringing. Most commonly, when it is experienced as a problem, it is the deeper aspect of our spirit, catching our attention like an alarm clock, and asking us to examine what is true for us at deep levels, when we have not been paying attention to that, and not listening to ourselves.

One woman from the United States, for example, was visiting her daughter in Europe, and when it was time for her to return home, because she thought she “should,” a ringing began in her ears. Her inner being, which she had not been listening to at the time, wanted to catch her attention and ask her what she really wanted to do. In fact, she really wanted to stay in Europe, and when she made that decision, the ringing in her ears stopped.”

"Anything can be healed" – published by Findhorn Press - Copyright 1996 - Martin Brofman
The sign of the month: Pisces
When working with the idea that everything begins in consciousness, it is interesting to look at the sensitivity of the person who experiences a symptom.
Each astrological sign of the zodiac has a particular sensitivity. Was it touched?
Could this explain the type of tensions in the person’s consciousness, and help them understand themselves better for their healing.
Every month we propose to share with you what is the sensitivity of the sign of that month.

Pisces believe they are invisible and they are not comfortable with visibility. 

It is the psychic sign of the zodiac as if they were looking at what is happening outdoors from a deep space, an invisible space to others from which they understand everything.

The sensibility of Pisces is to be exposed, visible, brought back to the surface. They hate it.

Spirituality in everyday life
Spirituality is, in my opinion, often misunderstood and marginalized in everyday life.
The everyday life or the "reality" often means to work hard and it is not a pleasure. However, the desire for mass consumerism, the role of victim and distress are often led by the own fears or escapism or escape into faith or religion. The question is rather, what do we mean by "to be spiritual "? Does it mean to spend your day consciously - totally alert to live here and now - make conscious decisions every moment - be creative and give up the role of victim and be manipulated? For me, this means a real-life spirituality. We are each creator, whether we accept or reject. Sometimes we decide not to decide, or we give others responsibility for decisions. But even that remains our decision.

To take decisions

We decide at any time and we have the choice to live heaven or hell on earth. The question is where do we put our attention and keep our power point. If, for example, in the morning I ask myself, "Do I want to be happy or unhappy?" So I choose the first possibility. Every time someone comes to me and complains, I have the choice to accept this action or to emphasize the positive side of life.This does not mean that it always works and it takes a lot of practice and attention to keep the positive and motivating side.
If you can say, "I love where I am. I love who I am with and I love what I do, "so you are connected to the deepest part of your being and you experience a clear mind. This is a real-life spirituality.

What is your motivation force?
The level of the brow chakra, which is called unconscious or subconscious in Western psychology, we call it the Spirit. When we bring our attention to this place, we begin to make this unconscious conscious. We are capable of seeing ourselves as the creator of our reality, and of seeing others as creators of their reality. From this point of view, we observe the co-creation of the different Spirits involved in an experiment. From this level, we recognize that we are not victims, but simply creators attracting experiences that reflect our desires, fears, beliefs and the pictures that we put into our consciousness.

When you are on your path of evolution, you become more and more aware of your creation and the creation of others. You become more familiar with this space. You recognize your inner theater and you observe your outer theater, are they the same or do you play something different? Are you wasting time and energy hiding who you really are? Are you aware of the motivation force behind your actions?

Ask yourself if you are motivated by fear, anger or is it love? Do you do things to have a particular effect or to solicit a particular response?
You can live this level of your consciousness at any time, live this paradise on earth and connect with other co-creators in this way, reminding you and reminding others who we really are.

There is a quiet place inside where you see.
The action and the intention
The real and the meant
The outer theatre and the inner theatre
Yours and those of others.

You see the perfect manifestation of real intentions, yours, other’s, the Universe’s.
Look with your spirit
Be real

Encourage people to do the same, with love

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