Subject: Body Mirror Healing weekend class in London 17-18 Feb. with Annick Brofman

Remember that Annick Brofman is coming back to London to teach a weekend course in the Body Mirror System of Healing Saturday February 17-18. Her next Healing class will be in the winter.
She will also be teaching a Vision Workshop in London April 14-15.

The Healing class starts both days at 9:30 AM and ends around 8:30 PM on Saturday and around 7:30 PM on Sunday. Registration starts on Saturday morning at 8:30 AM.

The class will be held at :
Violet Hill Studios
6 Violet Hill
London NW8 9EB
020 8458 5368
Violet Hill Studios, Centre for Healing Arts.

You will find more information on

During the class, you will exchange 5 healings with other participants, using various techniques you have been taught, and at the completion of the class, you will be able to:
1. Understand and experience yourself as a Being of energy.
2. Feel and direct energy, and see energy (auras, chakras, thought
3. Understand the relationship between your body and your consciousness.
4. Understand how symptoms in the body reflect tensions in the consciousness.
5. Read the body as a map of consciousness, understanding the inner causes to outer symptoms.
6. Understand the chakras and their associations with specific parts of the consciousness and specific parts of the body.
7. Use various tools designed for healing (White Light, colors, thought
8. See the results of putting these techniques and tools to use.


Tuition for the class is £245.

If you are repeating the weekend class of the Body Mirror System of Healing for the second or third time, or if you have already attended one Intensive Level 1, you will pay half price £122.50.
If you have attended at least 3 weekend classes (or one Intensive Level 1 plus one week end class) in the Body Mirror System, you can attend this class for free.

If you would like to enroll for these classes, you can contact us at, or
at +33 (0)6 8225 8868.

With kind regards

Annick Brofman

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