Subject: RE: Update on Cloud Minting, Phones and April Combo

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Hello again,

                     A short update for you today with some info and tools that some of you have requested from me. 👍

My wife Emma was in bed for a week with a chest infection and now my daughter Emily is off school with it so time has been limited... But I got it done anyway! 😎

I really do feel blessed to be at home with passive income when things like this happen, it must be really hard for people who have jobs or businesses to run.

If you do have a business make sure it's as passive as possible!

One of the big reasons I endorse WeWe Global / Lyopay is that, because of the great products, it is a very very very easy company/business to promote.

Plus, if someone does register under you they won't need any help.

The reason they don't need help is that the company supplies all the information on the products on the website and purchases are simple.

If a business doesn't duplicate or people register and don't do anything that's a high-maintenance business. Trust me, you don't want that.

20% of the people who registered a WeWe account with me are active customers and/or partners. (The industry average is 10%). 90% of those I have never spoken to and don't even know who they are. That's passive!

Open your free account and you will see how simple and clear everything is.

Making It Even Easier - The Videos You Requested

Some of you said you are not tech-savvy and would like me to show you the back office.

Some said you or your customers cannot make the live presentation times.

Some of you wanted ME to do a weekly presentation.

My solution was to create a webpage with two videos as follows.

  1. See me making a purchase and withdrawal

  2. I explain the company, products, and commissions in layman's terms.

If you decide that you want to promote the products but don't like "talking to people", I have created this page so you can simply ask people to go to it and find out more.

The page is called so if you have any interest in getting started or building that page is all you need to remember.

I haven't mentioned my name, or anything and direct the listener to go back to the person who told them about the website.

I can't make it much easier than that. 😀

Below are the two videos if you want to watch them straight from this email.

Video 1 - Getting Started, Purchase, and Withdrawal.

Video 2 - Product and Business Overview

Only 12 days left of the Combo Offer

As I explained last week there is an offer at the moment which I took advantage of.

I explain it in the second video but here it is explained in a few lines if you don't have time to watch it.

Basically, For €1997, you get:

*The LFI smartphone - A great spec device that mints crypto indefinitely using built-in hardware. ✅

*15 Months Quantwise Subscription - Access to an AI Trading system which has been averaging 15% per month for the past 15 months. ✅

*1 Share in The Lyotech Labs company which is going public next year. In the official company pdf they predict each share will have a value of 12x of what it costs. ✅

I bought a Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra a few weeks ago for €1500 so for me this is a great offer, but you have to decide if it's right for you.

I am using some of my passive income from cloud minting to do this so that I am constantly diversifying my possibilities.

That's all for today anyway. I hope this helps.

Look out for another update this week which will be on my Mentoring progress and how it can benefit you. Lots of exciting developments on that front too!

See below if you want to get in touch about passive income, mentoring or anything else for that matter. I am always glad to help if I can.


Brian. 😀

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