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Hello again,

                    A warm welcome to my many new subscribers this week! 😀

Please take a few minutes to read this whole update as it may be the most important Newsletter I have sent in years!

It certainly is the culmination of ten years of work. `

Let me explain:

Most people who read my Newsletter fall into four categories.

  1. They want to have more income. ✅

  2. They want to have more time. ✅

  3. Have money and time but want their money to work for them. ✅

  4. Have all of the above but want to make a difference in others' lives. ✅

My regular readers from 2013 will know I started from absolute zero with a sick pregnant wife, a laptop, and the book "Think and Grow Rich"

I created, developed, and sold classified websites in Portugal, then in Ireland. I became an affiliate for a gold company. I then helped create and launch two crypto companies which are still running and thriving.

Along the way, I created multiple passive income streams in staking, gaming, advertising, AI, and by investing in various technology start-ups, gold, crypto and classic cars.

I went from homeless to a 6/7 figure wealth in seven years. (Had three kids and cared for my wife, (who can't work), along the way)

I don't say that to impress anyone but to impress upon people that it can be done regardless of circumstances.

What is important is that I did it using the thirteen principles found in the book "Think And Grow Rich" and with Bob Proctor as my Mentor teaching me how to use them.

Making a Difference To Others 

All of the things I have achieved cover 1 to 3 but I was missing out on "4" which is why I have spent the last seven months developing The LTL Mentorship Program with The Think And Grow Rich Movie Company in California.

I really think it could become the easiest, most fulfilling, most profitable, and most long-term affiliate business ever created.

How can this business help you?

I genuinely believe that what we have designed together solves 1-4 for everyone in every country on Earth!

The Thirteen Principles can help you with wealth, health and personal happiness so can help anyone and everyone. Your market size is in the billions. I used one of them last week to help my daughter get to sleep and it worked a treat! (Auto-suggestion)

It doesn't matter where you live, what your income is, what your skills are, we can help anyone and everyone.

If you are sitting at home, have no skills, and just want some part-time income the Mentorship program can help you achieve it. 

If you are an experienced direct seller, networker, or influencer the affiliate/mentorship program can help you make a 6/7 figure income from your contacts. 

If you own a business, charity, or are in education we want to help your people achieve more and can do that too! ✅

I am completely sure of this because I have built organizations of tens of thousands of affiliates in 150+ countries and I know what we have has no barriers to entry.

Our "Think and Grow Rich" based products, (Movies, books, audios, programs, and events are proven).

The principles were and are used by billionaires like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, and Grant Cardone.

They have been used since 1937, have never gone out of fashion, and never will. 😀

Take 60 seconds to check out one of our video promotional videos featuring Grant Cardone!

This is the standard and quality of marketing materials you will have at your disposal.

How To Get Started

I'll summarise it for you in writing as well as in the video below. 🎥

What do we need?

We have started a search for 38,000 (Distributors/Affiliates/Mentors). We are on around 200 so far. These people will be certified to distribute and promote our range of products*. *(TAGR-based movies, books, courses, global events etc).

38,000 Mentors are the same number as Mcdonald's which exist. This will similarly help us reach millions of people, but maybe make them a bit more healthy and happy.

What do you receive as an Affiliate/Mentor?

All the training, marketing, resources, CRM, and everything else you need to build a six-figure global business.

The training course is done by Bob Proctor himself in 4k video format and it could be worth millions to anyone who takes on board what he teaches. 👨‍🎓 One of the last things he did before he died and quite possibly his best work!

If you do decide to become an affiliate/Mentor presentations will be provided for you, I will create letters and emails for you to send to influencers, corporates, etc, and will be available to take questions from any potential clients you bring in.

EG - One of Bob Proctors' top consultants presents our Wednesday training session and you have seen one of the marketing videos above. Credibility is not something you will ever need to worry about with this business.

You can build full-time, part-time, online, offline, B2B, etc. The possibilities are endless.

What do you receive as commissions?

As an Affiliate/Distributor / Mentor you can earn up to 50% commission from each introduction and future commissions from future purchases. (Passive income which is so important).

EG: Each new Affiliate/Mentor introduction will earn you $4000 in direct commission! 😮 They had to be exciting to attract top people so they are.

*This is not MLM, Network Marketing by the way. I have no issues with those models when done correctly but we didn't go with that here. No levels, no teams, no ranks, just straightforward fixed affiliate commissions.

How much does it cost for the business?

The lifetime cost of the business is $10,000. Compare that to any other business you can buy that you can pay off with 2.5 sales! (40%/$4k for each new Mentor)

To put this in context - To become a Proctor Gallagher Consulat costs $30,000 as a one-off payment and much lower commissions.

I have been looking at franchises for ten years and nothing comes close to this in terms of outlay and overheads versus return.

How Profitable can it be?

We have a simple business plan which shows you how you can make over $1M in one year with just one sale per week! 😮(I explain this in more detail in the video below)

If you have an existing list you could be in profit with one email. An email to one influencer or company could make you a six-figure payday! (It's been done already)

Once you have made the introduction all the training will be done in the back office, by me or in the Facebook group.

What if you don't have $10,000?

We realize that and want to give everyone who is motivated the chance to get started. Brian McGinty in 2013 did not have 10K but he was highly motivated, we don't want to leave these people out. 🦾

With that in mind, you can pay $995 and 11 x $995.

If for any reason you cannot pay at some stage you would simply lose access to the business but could restart again in the future.

If you live in the USA we even have a financing option which can make the payments even smaller. (Just let me know and I can put you in touch with them).

Overall I think we have made this opportunity as profitable as possible and with a low barrier to entry so we can build the global network as quickly as possible.

Full Presentation

Please take a few minutes to see my overview of the company, our mission, and your potential commissions.

If you do decide to start I will provide you with regular live and recorded presentations which you can use to send out to potential affiliates or customers. Lots of marketing materials have already been proved in your personal back office.

If you like what you have read and see in the video you can go ahead and make the payment using the buttons below the video.

If you have any questions you can reply to this email or Whatsapp me on +356 79095700. If you want to hop on zoom sometime we can do that too.

Click the image below

Be Part Of Something Profitable AND Good!

It is my hope and plan that, over the next few years, I can find and help affiliates and mentors from every country on Earth. In turn, this means we can share the wisdom of the book with millions more people.

Bob Proctor is gone now and the baton has been passed to us to continue what he did for sixty years.

The Thirteen Principles in Think And Grow Rich have completely changed every aspect of my life and it would be wrong for me not to share my good fortune and knowledge with the rest of the world.

My Legacy will be those that I help and that's why we call the program Living The Legacy

I am looking forward to traveling the world, organizing and attending events, and meeting the people we have helped along the way.

That's all for this extended update and thank you if you have read this far. 🙏🙌

Have a fantastic week and year ahead.



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