Subject: RE: [Free Ebook] 3 “hacks” that led to $5 billion in sales

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Hi again,

              Welcome to all our new subscribers this week. 😎

This week I have news for you about John Assarafs brilliant new book which I can give you for free....And free access to his yearly event. 🙌👏😉

My mission at is to bring you the best, most life-changing information that I can and this is right up there with the very best.

My regular readers since 2013 will know that I have been using Johns books and events for years and they have brought me a great deal of personal and professional success.

I live in a €3M villa overlooking the sea, enjoy passive income, time freedom and have zero credit or loans, mainly because of people like John Assaraf who showed me how to achieve it.

Napoleon Hills gave me the principles part of the puzzle, Bob Proctor gave me the "mind" part, Tony Robbins the "state and patterns," and John is the expert in the area of the human brain and brain science. 🧠 This is the new frontier and really interesting. 😃

So what do you get in the free book/event?

This NEW book is packed with VISUALS and STEP BY STEP “CHEAT SHEETS”... So you can literally steal the blueprint that took John from $0 to $14.7 MILLION in a single year. 

Literally he is giving away his BEST “Brain Unlocking” Secrets for attracting more abundance into your life – all by developing what John calls a “Millionaire Mindset.”

So what separates this E-book from the rest?


John has leveraged these exact same secrets to transform his own life & mindset AND coach over 100,000 everyday people to life-changing success. 

If you are stuck in a rut, or just want to double your confidence and income… this will help. 

His goal for 2024 is to create 100 NEW MILLIONAIRES from scratch.

Are you in? Yes, I want to start building my Million Dollar Income & Dream Life now!

Download your free copy now and discover:

  • 3 keys to creating a “Millionaire Mindset” so you can achieve all your financial goals faster and easier

  • The unusual story of the $100 MILLION dollar check John wrote himself… and how it led to him creating a multi-million dollar business & income…

  • Proven “brain hacks” to build unstoppable confidence (even if you’re stuck in a rut or struggling with limiting beliefs)...

  • How to leverage the Law of Attraction to make it work for YOU…

  • Why holding onto the past can keep you receiving the “same ol’, same ol’” along with a very simple technique to release old baggage and finally move forward to attract more income and more peace of mind

And a TON more.

This E-book is virtually guaranteed to make you a magnet for the opportunities and outcomes you need to change your life. 

Is something holding you back from the success, prosperity, or fulfillment you crave? 

And are you open to the possibility that the answers are already inside you?

Then use this special link to get your free copy of his new Ebook now. 

And join the 100K+ people around the world who are training their brain for success right now (in ways they never thought possible). 

This book is available for free for the next 48 HOURS. After that, you can buy it on his website for $19.99. 

I hope you get 10% of the value from it that I did! If you do you will be very happy.

Enjoy the rest of your week and get in touch if you need any help. My booking calendar for live calls is on 

To Your Success.


P.S. This isn't your average book. It's a fully in-depth experience that gives you immersive Millionaire Mindset training – combined with a special invitation just for you by clicking the “secret links” inside the book. 

P.P.S - don't forget to download the Get A Life App below! I'm working on great new content for it this week.

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