Subject: RE: Elimination Plus Your Questions

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Hi again,

               I hope you are enjoying your Friday so far! 👍

The kids are big strawberry fans so we took them out to a farm recently! You could eat as much as you like but I think they might review that policy after Jimmy's visit! 🤣🍓


It's 10 am here in Malta and I'm just heading to the gym, but first I wanted to let you know about some fantastic new content for "Get A Life" App subscribers!

I have May's new content ready and published it on the app last night! 📢👍🫡

What is it?

It is called Elimination and basically, it's a course on how to get rid of all the 💩 in your life!! 🤣

How to remove everything that isn't serving you. 🫷🚫

Many of us know we need to do it but still don't. This is a practical guide to making sure it happens.

I have broken it down into:

  • 3 Minute video - (Below)

  • 9 Lesson audiobook

  • 29 page PDF

  • 23 page workbook.

As always, I hope you get great value from it and I look forward to your feedback, good or bad. 👍

I am 100% aware that self-help and education are not super exciting for most people, but I can assure every one of my readers that nothing gets better until we get better.

"The more I learn and put into practice the better my life becomes, it's as simple as that"

The Get A Life App and this newsletter are simply a way for me to pass on the best of what I pick up plus I get to grow and contribute along the way. Win-win! 😃

Improved Quality

I am my own worst critic so I will always strive to create improved quality materials and resources.

I hope you can see this progression - even after the first four months!

Click the image below to watch the short video 

Access Elimination Now

There are three ways to access this course and all the other resources.

Simply go to where you can find the download links and get started.

Earn 50% Commissions

Please remember that everyone who downloads the app gets free access to the affiliate program. 👍

Thank you for your feedback on that too by the way. I'm glad everyone has found it easy to set up.

If you want to learn more about it see 

Everything is much easier now because all information and access to everything is on that website.

Your Other Questions

Some people have been asking me about Inpersona, The Space Mall, Xera/Cloudminting, Secrets Of Success, Living The Legacy and other businesses that I am with and have been involved in.

 I still am involved in all of them!

All help with all businesses going forward will be on a one-to-one basis.

It's a much better way to help people and ensures that I give each person personal attention and the correct information. 😃

I have A Zoom Booking Calendar, WhatsApp, live chat, email, telephone, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram and YouTube and all channels are open!

Find them above and below or at

That's all for today, I want to keep these updates short and to the point from now on so that you get the info quickly.

Have a wonderful weekend and get in touch if you have any questions.

To your success... 😃👍



Brian McGinty

WhatsApp +35679095700 

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