Subject: New Website - New Year - I Am Ready, Let's Go

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           Hello again,

                               Happy New Year everyone. 🙋‍♂️

We had a great time at Disney, above, the kids are back at school, and I am at my desk creating everything you need to have a brilliant 2024!

Almost two years of preparation - Writing my book, creating courses, building apps, a new website and sourcing great companies for my readers.

Today is day one, launch day, everything is ready. 🚀🚀🧑‍🚀

I designed and built everything myself so I hope you like it all. 🙏

Here are the main announcements:

The brand new "Get A Life" website is live at  

This is where you can read my story, access the apps, see my latest passive income recommendations and access my diary. This is the hub now from which you can find everything. *Please check it out and send me your honest feedback.

The Get A Life App is ready for download in Google Play and Apple Stores! 

Click below to get free access to it now. *Don't forget to fill in your profile.

Today Is The Start Of A 90 Day Run!

What does that mean?

It means that I am going to be leading from the front. 💪

I have sourced and tested many projects and have chosen a small number of reputable, legal, reliable businesses to run with for the next 90 days.

For me, a 90-day run means more than work. - It's no alcohol, (except maybe St Patrick's Day ☘️😂), early nights, early mornings, regular exercise, intermittent fasting /16 hours of no eating each day, daily gratitude, daily reading /listening/education.

I will be documenting this on my social media if you want to follow along or do it too. You are welcome to join me on my channels below. 😁

It also means being available for any of my readers/subscribers/team who want to make a life-changing passive income in the next three months.

Focused action can bring massive results in a short space of time! I want to be available, fresh and focused to help you achieve your goals.

How To Get Involved

Go to, click on the passive income tab and choose a business that suits you.

They are in different sectors such as Tech, Blockchain, Education and Health so I have created explainer videos for each one.

My TIP For January

Right now the biggest opportunity is with Vyvo/Inpersona/Helo.

It is available worldwide, the product is brilliant, working, paying daily and I absolutely love everything about it.

You can start with as little as $35 if you have an Apple watch. Otherwise the band/watch costs $149.

The system is a hybrid "dual team / binary" so the sooner you start the more overspill you will receive from me!

"How much are you earning from the device Brian?"

Many of you have already got started, but many have been asking what I am earning daily from the device.

It was the number one question from your feedback from my last Newsletter.

In short - it's around 151 VSC coins per day.

That's $8 per day at today's coins price of $0.05 or $2755 per year!

The VSC coin has already gone up 500% in the past eight weeks and the company has a target price of $1

Not bad for a $149 watch - That's also brilliant for monitoring my health!

Find Out More

I have uploaded a new presentation with a short earning video today at 

Watch the presentation and request a code from me using the live chat.

It really is that simple to get started with Vyvo/Inpersona.

Talking About Simple!

I have made everything simple for everyone going forward.

1. Everything you need to get started is at 

2. All my mentoring and training is in the Get A Life App which is free for anyone in any business I recommend.

3. Each business I recommend has a live chat button on each video so I can support your prospects/referrals in live time.

4. My booking calendar is at for free one-to-one help and training sessions.

Why am I doing all this?

I know there is another Brian, or Briannna😁, out there who can't pay their rent, wants out of their job, has been made bankrupt, divorced, or whatever, and needs help - mentally or financially.

I am going to find these people and help them find their own Health, Wealth, Time and Happiness.

With a lot less stress, and in a much shorter time than it took me! 😉

I think that's something worth getting up for every day! 🫂

Over to you.

I am going to show what can be achieved in 90 days, get in touch if you want to join me.



Brian McGinty

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