Subject: How to earn 10% Per Month Completely Passively - Update 😀

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          Brian here again. I hope you are all having a great week and are still sticking to your resolutions. 🤔😂

A few people emailed me and asked me if I was still doing the "Cloud Minting thing" and if I could give an update, so here it is.

I am still doing it, but I don't promote it. I don't have to as it's completely passive income. I don't need to promote it for it to work, plus I'm busy with my Mentoring work anyway. 😀

I do have other passive income streams through nodes and staking, but they are more complicated. Cloud Minting is simple and anyone can do it.

I also know there are other companies that pay more for different services but I do a lot of research and I balance my risk with reward.

For me, there's nothing else out there that comes close to this company and the people running it.

*The following is not financial advice, I am just showing you my past results. If you decide to take part in Cloud Minting only use funds you are prepared to risk.

That being said, I am NOT going to leave my money in a bank where it WILL lose 10%+ a year due to inflation. This service allows me to stay well ahead which is why I do it.

Here's where I am up to:

I started with €5000 around a year ago and it is up to €15,000 now.

You can start with €500 or multiples of €500. I was comfortable with €5000.

My current Minting units running

How does it work?

A three-year-old company called Wewe Global, (Part of Lyopay) uses my money to rent minting equipment, mints crypto, and pays me 10% monthly which is paid to me daily.

I can also withdraw daily and the fees are small which is also important.

I have an invoice for every purchase, contract for each machine, and can see them working.

I am paid daily for three years and then it stops, they get to keep the equipment. I am paid through a DAO so no one can interfere with or stop my payments.

I get 3x on my money over 3 years and the company then gets the future minting rewards. That's what they get out of the deal.

Who are Lyopay?

Lyopay is a fully regulated company, probably one of the most diligent and super-regulated in the whole Crypto space. They are turning over more than €200M per month.

The Ex-Justice Minister from Latvia is their head of legal! Learn more about the company and people HERE

It's worth noting that Lyopay has an entire ecosystem of fantastic products. The only one I use is Cloud Minting but you may be interested in some of the others. 😃

My Minting Strategy

I compound my earnings and will do until I get to €50,000 which will take another twelve months. I was going to go to €30k but I am increasing my target as I see the company grow stronger.

This will then be paying me €5000 per month. I am then taking out monthly what I put in.

If you don't know how compound interest works you should check it out, using this calculator.

I learned about how to use compound interest about ten years ago and it's part of my long-term strategy.

I put 5000 into the calculator at 10% per month over two years and you can see the results below.

Try it yourself and see how long it would take you to get to the monthly income you want or need. 😀

How to Turn 5k into 50k in 24 months.

Getting Started 

Another reason I am happy to tell anyone about this is that anyone can do it!

Once you have set up your first minting contract you will never need any more help from me or anyone. It just runs by itself.

I just need to check when my rewards get to €500 so I can buy a new contract. It's around every ten days at the moment and the time is getting shorter every month.

Simple Steps

Register for an account at:

Deposit €500, or any multiple of €500, in BTC to your account. (BTC deposit wallet address)

If you don't know where to buy BTC you can buy with a credit or debit card in seconds using Indacoin* at

*Enter your Wewe Global, BTC deposit address on the Indacoin website so it will be delivered there.

If you take out your rewards daily you will have your initial money out in ten months. If you compound, as I do, you can use the compound interest calculator to decide.

It's pretty straightforward, but if you get stuck, send me a message on Whatsapp and I can help you get started.

Whatsapp +35679095700

Once you have bought your first minting package you will never need my help again.

Promoting Cloud Minting As A Business

I don't promote the business myself as I am busy with my Mentoring at 

I do know you can promote Wewe Global as a business and can earn up to 36% commissions. Once you have registered go to the documents section where you can read the full PDF

I have friends who do it and they are making five and six-figure monthly incomes. If I ever did want to promote this type of online business this would be the one for sure.

My advice is to try it yourself for a month or two first, if you like it and find it as easy as I have, then promote it.

Otherwise, just enjoy your 10% per month.

If you need help with the business side I can direct you to the sale team who will help and support you. Another good thing about the company is the fantastic sales support for business owners.

That's all for today anyway. I hope you enjoy the Minting experience half as much as I do!

Please check out my social media channels below too for up-to-date news and inspiration!

I'll send you another update in around a month's time with my progress. 😀