Subject: How To Turn 1K Into 33k - Completely Passively - Easy Set Up

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Hello again,

                     Hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.

Today I want to explain to you how you can turn $325 into a potential $10,000, or $1000 into a potential $33,000 etc

By doing nothing other than making a 5-minute purchase with your credit/debit card/Apple Pay or Crypto and waiting twelve months. 😃


By understanding the Tokenomics of VSC Vyvo Smart Chain.

Let me explain:

Vyvo/Inpersona is succeeding because of the Helo products but the VSC coin/blockchain should not be overlooked because the potential is amazing too.

I prefer to focus on products but let me explain about VSC so I have given you all the information on that side of the project.

What Are Tokenomics?

If you want to read about them yourself go to

If you want my simple explanation:

The Inpersona App allows people to buy VSC using a credit/debit card or ApplePay inside the app in 200+ countries.

Ease of Purchase - If you have been in crypto as long as me you will know that's a big deal. They have made it super easy for the average person to buy crypto using a credit or debit card in 200+ countries.🌍😃

DEMAND - In a few short months over 53000 people have bought these NFTs and the staking that goes with them ranges from $15 to $3000 of VSC.

This VSC is locked away for 12 months taking it off the market.

At current rates, there will be 1M NFT owners in the next year. If they take on average $1000 in staking (28,571 VSC today)

That's 28,571,000,000 VSC off the market.

Ok, so yes, it will be less than that... Why? - Because the cost of VSC will increase due to demand!

As the cost of VSC increases, demand increases and FOMO comes in and more people stake. It's a very well thought out plan for VSC.

Product demand - The devices are being delivered within seven days, Apple users can bind in minutes and there are hundreds more devices being added shortly including Garmin, Fitbit etc.

Credibility - This is a corporate company with fantastic leadership and corporate partnerships such as Apple and Stripe.

Low Entry Point - Currently VSC is at $0.035 and is a little down in the past fortnight with BTC and all coins so that's normal. I bought it at $0.01 so I'm up 350% already anyway.

I have simply been buying more on top of the rewards I am getting plus the level 4 I am now at. I started at level 2 and upgraded twice.

It is possible to start to any level and upgrade later too.

Let's look at the potential - considering the company's own targets $1 for VSC.

In this example we look at the scenarios if VSC went to $0.10/ $0.45 and $1.

Note- "Yearly Mined" relates to how many coins you would get if you had a $149 device too. (Buying and having a device is optional and has no effect on staking)  


I don't have a crystal ball, and none of this is financial advice, but based on everything I have seen I can't see VSC doing anything other than increasing over the next twelve months.

I could be wrong, of course, but for $15, $325, $100 etc, is it worth a punt based on the following:

Crypto bull run, BTC Halving, growing VSC community, open in 200 Countries, great products, personal health is a growth market, corporate links, brilliant CEO, a fast growing community and great tokenomics.

Plus - You don't need to buy A Helo Device to Get Involved!

Someone asked me yesterday - "Do I need to buy a Helo device and do the fitness stuff to do the staking?" 

The answer is no, which made me wonder - "Who else thought that?" 🤔

If you purchase the $35 NFT you can add any amount of staking to it and don't need to do any of the "health stuff" if you don't want to.

Another Egg In Another Basket 🥚

If you want to get into a crypto project but don't know how to buy or transfer Crypto, this is the perfect project, because Inpersona made it easy to use a card for the first time. 🤝

What Do I Need To Do To Get Some VSC in Staking?

A. Download the Inpersona App from (Set it up using the pdf guide under the 8-minute video if you need to)

B. Request an invite code from me using the live chat. You need this to activate the app)

C. Watch the 8-minute video which shows you how to buy the staking.

D. Purchase the $35 NFT and then a level between $15 and $3000.

**Don't put in anything that keeps you awake at night, this whole passive income thing is supposed to be fun. Start with a little and spread your risk around projects you like and enjoy.

TIP: Use Stripe at checkout first, if that doesn't work for your country try Wert.

What happens next?

EG: If you went for $3000 today you would get 82,467 VSC locked in your NFT for 12 months. In 12 months time you can keep or sell them.

It is as simple as that. 😃


Additional Info - Live Presentation

I don't go into the Tokenomics side of things much in my presentation because I like to focus on product, but the people who introduced me to Inpersona last year do.

They are from the UK, have been in this industry for a long time and I am happy to be working with them on this project. They have been super helpful and are decent people.

Here is their presentation if you want to have a listen -


It was that presentation that got me involved, so I'm sure you will enjoy it too.

It's good to hear the project from different perspectives too.

Plus they speak a little slower than me, so you might understand them better! 🤣🤣

Don't forget I see hundreds of projects every year and I really am trying to bring you the best that is out there. There is a lot of dirt to sift through to find some gold, but it is there. 👍

That's all for today,

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