Subject: Friend, it's a girl! Video of us bringing baby home to her big brother 😍

Hi Friend,

The last 2 months have really flown by since we welcomed the newest addition to our family. Our beautiful daughter Anika was born May 19, 2020. She has kept us busy, but has also brought us so much love and joy! She's perfectly happy being in mama's carrier most of the day, coming along to building inspections and even appearing on the Moms of Multifamily podcast (episode yet to be released).

Here is a short video I put together of us bringing Anika home and then Cassian coming home to meet her for the first time! Due to covid, he couldn't come to the hospital at all.

Make sure to TURN ON CAPTIONS (the CC button or the gear symbol) to see subtitles for the Ukrainian parts! 

Click picture to view:

Here's pics of our little couch potato now, nearly double her birth weight:

On the real estate front...our 6-plex is on track to be done Sept 30...

The appraisal came in higher than purchase price and will allow us to get financing with excellent terms and a historically low interest rate. Multi-family has shown to be one of the strongest real estate asset classes during this pandemic, as people still need somewhere to live.

For our partners, these units will produce healthy cash flow and build great equity over the long term without impacting their borrowing ability or credit. Our tenants will have beautiful homes in an excellent neighborhood with no shared spaces that would increase the risk of COVID transmission.

Truly a WIN-WIN scenario.

Here are the numbers!... 
Click below to ENLARGE:

If you've been thinking of getting into real estate... 

We are already looking for our next deal - the building and the partners.

If you’d like to find out more about what we’re doing or if you’re looking for better returns on your money these days, reach out! Send us a message. We'd love to see if we can find a way to work together (perhaps we could work together on a future project).

Take care,

Zorya & Patrick

BREI Properties

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