Subject: BIG NEWS & fun way to make the best of 2020! 🎄

Hi Friend,

As we're coming to the end of the year, I want to share my favorite activity to help you make the most out of 2020... it worked for me in 2019! 

Near the end of the video, Cassian and I share our big family announcement!  Click here or on the picture below.

Here is the link to Patrick's first "Home Improvement" blog post... building a shed in 10 simple steps! 

Update on the 6-plex we're buying: We have removed conditions and put down 10% deposit! Now we're waiting for the builder to create the final drawings so we can sign off and start building! 

The video HERE shows inside the beautiful purpose-built rental building. Let us know if you're interested in how you can earn extra income from it too, without doing any work. 

Hope you have a wonderful and restful Christmas!

- Zorya, Patrick, & Cassian

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