Subject: Push Hands Workshop with Master Marilyn Cooper in June!

Boston Healing Tao
June 29-30 Push Hands workshop 
with Master Marilyn Cooper!
Push Hands with Master Marilyn Cooper

We are honored to welcome Master Marilyn Cooper to the Boston Healing Tao school this year! We first met Marilyn at the Immortal Sisters Conference last August. She currently teaches Kung Fu, Shaolin Lohan Institute., Oakland, CA. and travels the world promoting peace through her 'Peace Games' initiative. You can read more about Marilyn on her web page here. 
About Marilyn...

Starting out in the mid-1960s as an art student, Marilyn emerged years later, a Kung Fu artist. She have been the subject of numerous feature newspaper articles and television interviews.  Her articles on kung fu have been published in Inside Kung Fu, Taijiquan Journal, Kung Fu/T’ai Chi magazines and e-zine and other news media. She has performed at universities and masters’ demonstrations, fund-raisers for United Way, the victims of 9/11, and the tsunami. Marilyn opened her first Kung Fu school in 1980 in New York City, and has been teaching Kung Fu ever since. 

Marilyn founded a national non-profit institute called Pushing for Peace, whose mission is to promote a T’ai Chi program designed to help prevent youth violence and promote mental and physical health. The Peace Games are now taught all over the world.
Pushing for Peace
Friday night June 29th 
6pm to 7:30pm (FREE)

All are welcome to this wonderful experience with Marilyn! 

Peace does not mean you are in a place with no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of these things and still be calm and peaceful in your heart. Marilyn has designed an elegant easy to learn set of enjoyable games that support peace within ourselves with one another.

The workshop begins with an explanation of Chinese Taoist philosophy, made simple enough for a four year old to grasp. Participation from each student begins with easy, basic questions and answers. Because “T’ai Chi originates in the mind,” a thoughtful, reflective tone is set for the rest of the training.

Whether you want to promote harmony through cooperative practice, engage in fun tai chi activities or you want to learn serious tai chi skills Pushing for Peace will make a great addition to your skillset. Manuals will be available for a suggested donation of $20.

Push Hands
Saturday June 30th
10am to 6pm 
(1 hour lunch beak)
Fee: $130
All are welcome, no matter your level of tai chi experience!

Pushing Hands is an intriguing, two-person exercise in which both parties simultaneously go with each other’s flow of force in order to uproot and off-balance one another. You will learn how to relax when stressed and become aware of how you react under pressure. Compassion and gentility felt during push hands results in gentle pushes rather than invasive or painful punches, throws or kicks.

Push Hands is a controlled method of stepping in, rooting, etc … and should not be thought of as “real fighting.”  T’ai Chi push hands requires control and awareness, even moreso than solo T’ai Chi training, and presents a much greater challenge than solo practice. Responding to force, relaxing without collapsing, receiving in order to give, going with the flow and relaxing into gravity create a living matrix, a T’ai Chi force-field called “Peng.”

There are no perfect masters, and no perfect forms or systems. Any T’ai Chi Ch’uan style practiced with insight and humility will produce results. Finding a teacher, classmates and forms you like, trust and respect is the most important factor. 

This workshop is open to all, all skill levels are welcome. Yes even and especially beginners!

Be like water, flowing over obstacles and 
seeking the lowest level to nourish all things.

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