Subject: Free offers for March

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Where are you traveling next?
Here are some new ideas for you :-)

Look through the destinations below and if you are interested in visiting someone, just shoot them an email. If you want to open up your home and/or academy to other BJJ travelers, sign up here and we'll feature you in a future newsletter :)
On our matsurfing map, you can see all the hosts from around the world who are welcoming travelers. Check it out on
Come alone or bring your family along!
* June 28th to July 2nd in Wagrain, Austria *
* 70 km from Salzburg airport *
* Beautiful location in the middle of the Alps *
* Five days of training *
* Four nights accommodation *
* Families welcome *
* Daily class and open mat for kids *
* Yoga classes *
* All meals included *
* Daily workshops, lectures and movie nights *
* 24-hr free fruit and non-alcoholic beverages *
* Extra mat space for all-day open mat / drilling *
* Free laundry service for training gear *
* Free access to water park next door *
Nashville, TN, USA
Host: Breana Kenworthy
Can accommodate: 3

The host: I've been training BJJ for half a year and I absolutely LOVE it! I now work at the gym I train at as a salesperson, so I'm at the gym everyday and all day. I've competed four times, FUGI in pensacola Florida (silver), FUGI atlanta Georgia (silver), IBJJF cinncinnati Ohio (silver), and IBJJF Nashville (Gold) and more to come!! I'm very easy going and I plan to travel as often as I can!

The place: I live in Nashville Tennessee, about a 10 minute drive from downtown. Nashville is a rapidly growing city with lots of really cool places to eat, lots of Music attractions including live music in almost every bar, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum, and the Musicians Hall of Fame to name a few.
I live in a very small, 400 square foot studio apartment in East Nashville. I sleep on a futon couch, but there is room for a queen air mattress or possibly two twin air mattress. If there is more than one traveler, I will stay with my boyfriend and 1 or 2 people can sleep on the futon couch. Visitors are more than welcomed to use any appliances and can cook meals here if they'd like!

The training: I can work out some free training with the gym i mainly train at, Nashville MMA, the oldest MMA gym in the area with over 25 pro fighters training here and Shawn Hammonds also coaches here a couple days a week. I could also possibly get y'all some training at my boyfriend's gym, Legion Jiu Jitsu Hendersonville.
Franklin, TN, US
HostClay Mayfield
Contact email
Can accommodate: 2

The host: BJJ brown belt, owner of Triangle Academy of Jiu-Jitsu. Avid competitor, enthusiastic world traveler myself. 
I love having guests from anywhere come to visit the school

The place: Franklin TN is a few minutes from Nashville. It is a very nice town with lots of local music, outdoors activities, and things to be seen. 
Any activity you can imagine is available in Nashville, as well.

The trainingThe gym is large and spacious, and has a full kitchen, changing rooms/locker rooms and four showers, as well as bathrooms. 
I live in an apartment adjacent to the school, and I am adding a 2nd room in the school to be living quarters for guests. 
It is not fully furnished yet, but absolutely free.
We never charge mat fees, and steer clear of any BJJ politics. Just love good Jiu-Jitsu and meeting new people!

* Wednesday, October 16th to Sunday, October 20th *
* In the middle of nowhere, Poland *
* Five days training camp *
* Huge mat space *
* 2x free white gis *
* Gi laundry service *
* Free use of spa and sauna *
* All meals included *
* Bottled water, tea, coffee included *
* Daily sauna therapy sessions *
* Photography workshop *
* Board games *
* Daily workshops and lectures *
* Mushroom picking in the forest *
* Morning Yoga classes *
* Everyone welcome regardless of experience and affiliation *

Cusco, Peru
Host: Fernando Arce
Can accommodate: 2

The host: I'm a Brown belt under Leo Vieira, I used to train at Checkmat HQ for the last year and the other 5 years in Peru under my sensei Cristian Grimaldo, first blackbelt of Tony de Souza. I'm an easygoing guy who loves to travel with a gi in the hand. I'm opening an academy in Cusco so you are more than welcome to visit my place.

The place: My place is in Lucrepata, Cusco. Really near by to the San Blas Market is one of the more tourist areas, my place is one block away to the market and a 10 min walk to the main square. 
Cusco is an incredible place and you can go around and see and discovered amazing places by walk or by tour, I'm happy to do some walks too.

I can offer a room with plenty of space to make yourself comfortable, you can cook your own meals, have a shower and also roll inside the place bc i got mats too.

The training: You are going to be training over 3400m over the sea side so better prepare that mind for it! I can promise a quality training since I've been traveling and competing around the world for the past 3 years and living in LA training under Leo Vieira for almost a year! So I can promise good rolls and good class too!
Częstochowa, Poland
Host: Marcin Ciszek
Can accommodate: 4

The host: I'm lightweight black belt who is focusing on martial-arts. Once - a lots of competitions, now - more of enjoyment from training and spread out the Jiu-Jitsu in my community.

The place: Częstochowa is a calm city, the biggest attraction is the "Jasna Góra" to which pilgrims (christians) from all over the world gather every year.
I offer a stay in a room at our club. There is a bed, a fridge, a kettle, an electric cooker, a shower, only a washing machine is missing, but you can do it by hand.
There is room for 1 on a couch, 2-4 if you sleep at the mats.

The training: It depends on the visitor. We have classes from Monday to Friday, in the evening, classes for beginners and advanced and others. At the request of a visitor, if it is a higher belt, during his stay I can also train with him in the morning.
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Lampasas, TX, USA
Host: Ute Mueller
Can accommodate: 2

The hostHello my Name is Aurora Ute and I have a Metaphysical Wisdom & Wellness Center in Lampasas. This place is a Spiritual and Metaphysical Sanctuary for Women, and female only. Sorry guys. 
As mom of a 18 year old who is loving BJJ, I know how hard it is to find a place to stay and travel, special for females.

The placeLampasas is a small town in the middle Central Texas. There are some BJJ places 30 minutes away from here. We have a little mat-area at our house where my son trains. We have a beautiful nature out here. Our place is like I said a Sanctuary for Women, therefore we only can host women to not interfere with Business. This is our first time to host BJJ females friends, I don't know how long we gonna do it, first we must see if it works out for all of us.

In the summer time before it get to hot, you can stay in our comfortable tents, which have everything you need. Outside shower, fancy Outhouse. You can train with my son (very talented blue belt) or any BJJ surfing our little place.

No drugs! No alcohol! Because we let you stay for free it would be nice when you help a little on the land. You can learn (if you not already doing it) to meditate and can experience other Energy Healing Techniques.
And remember this offer is ONLY for women, providing a safe space and relaxation.

The trainingWe have a small training area in our home. The mat is big enough for 4 people training in the same time. The nearest BJJ Gym would be in the town called Killeen.
Cumming, GA, USA
Host: Richard Clark
Can accommodate6

The hostProfessional airline pilot and long-time BJJ practitioner. I recently joined BJJ Globetrotters, and I am looking forward to my first camp in a couple months!
The placeI am 30 mins north of Atlanta, in the suburbs. We are close to the mountains, and very close to Lake Lanier. It is quick/easy to get into Atlanta.

I have a huge house, with plenty of rooms. I am in a private community, on a golf course. The community pool area is awesome. We do have pets, so I hope you like dogs!

The trainingTons of schools in Atlanta. I train at the world headquarters for Alliance, and they always welcome visitors.
* November 25th to December 1st, 2019 in Saint Barthélemy *
* Easily reachable from United States and Europe *
* Seven days Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training camp *
* Six nights central accommodation *
* An affordable chance to visit exclusive celebrity island *
* Dinner in new local restaurant every evening *
* Daily surf lessons and board rental *
* Catamaran boat trip *
* Fresh bread from local bakery every morning *
* Laundry service *
* Stay extra nights at affordable rate *
* Mini vans and cars available for exploring the island *
* Some of the world’s best beaches *