Subject: Getting burned by dropshipping? Dropship eServices instead

Before you think this is about bashing dropship suppliers, let me assure you it isn't. Rather it's to give you a perspective you might not have considered even if you're using a dropship supplier right now.

So is the Dropship model broken? Absolutely not.

There are people today who still do well with it. Albeit to the tune of working through long shipping issues, ghost inventory, and a host of other issues I won't mention here.

However, if you're determined to make it work…you can. The risk is there with purchasing some inventory in bulk in some cases, but you could make it work if you went all in.

But what if there were an easier way? One that didn't require any inventory, cash outlay upfront, and that provided a larger ROI with only 10 sales?

There is and it's called eServices.

It's all the beauty of dropshipping without the beastly issues in my opinion.

See how Chris and Jay use it to create a $2,079+/wk revenue stream

Talk soon,
Gilbert Jenkins

P.S. eCommerce is still an amazing business to be in but it can be very stressful. The new "eServices Dropshipping" model isn't just more predictable... the profit margins are higher too… plus you get high-ticket recurring revenue!

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