Subject: BigMedilytics Newsletter: July 2020

                                                                                                               Newsletter No. 6 - July 2020 | View online
Big Data for Medical Analytics
Identification of high-risk heart failure patients without compromising privacy

Great news from the Heart Failure pilot within BigMedilytics! In July 2020, in collaboration with Erasmus MC, Zilveren Kruis and ZorgTTP, TNO demonstrated that it is possible to securely link and analyze personal data from multiple organizations. By using state-of-the-art cryptography, a pilot with synthetic data demonstrated that these types of solutions work in practice. 
A clinical decision support system to improve the quality of care for prostate cancer patients

The Prostate Cancer pilot, led by Karolinska, is developing a clinical decision support system together with Philips to enhance decision-making for surgery in primary prostate cancer patients.

Recommendations for a secure access and exchange of health data

BigMedilytics has compiled the recommendations given during a webinar organized as part of the BDV PPP Virtual Summit. Get the infographic and access the recording and the presentations of the webinar!

BigMedilytics will influence the new Charter of Digital Rights for Spain

The BigMedilytics’ Data Protection Officer, Professor Ricard Martínez, is among the group of experts that will advise the Spanish Government in the process of the elaboration of a new Charter of Digital Rights for Spain.

BigMedilytics Supporting Global Efforts during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr Brian Pickering from the University of Southampton has been involved in the global collaborative effort to share expertise and create the "RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines for Data Sharing".  

The potential widespread of big data technologies in healthcare across European countries explained by Dr Roland Roller from DFKI. Watch the video! 
New deliverable available
Final implementations of specific components for all BigMedilytics pilots

The BigMedilytics project has published a document that presents the final implementations of all the project pilots based on external validation. Read more
Latest scientific publication
Impact of Acute Hemoglobin Falls in Heart Failure Patients: A Population Study

An study conducted by researchers of INCLIVA assessed the impact of acute hemoglobin falls in heart failure patients. Read more
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