Subject: BigMedilytics Newsletter: January 2019

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Big Data for Medical Analytics
BigMedilytics at ICT 2018: 'Imagine Digital – Connect Europe'

The BigMedilytics project was presented by Rob Smeets during the session 'Impact of the Data-driven AI in business sectors' within the framework of the ICT 2018: ‘Imagine Digital – Connect Europe’ that took place from the 4th to the 6th of December in Vienna.
Using big data technologies to optimize workflows in hospitals

One of the areas of research within the BigMedilytics project aims to demonstrate how workflows within a hospital can be optimized to help improve operational efficiency.
Meeting on Digital Innovation Hubs on Big Data and AI

The main aspects of the project were described by Prof. Dr Milan Petković during this event organized by the EC and the BDVA last November in Brussels.
Outstanding presence of BigMedilytics at the EBDVF

The project led a session on Healthcare, which was opened by the coordinator of BigMedilytics, Dr Surpiyo Chatterjea, during the European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) in Vienna.

Big data analytics to improve patient care in Oncology

One of the research streams within the BigMedilytics project is dedicated to developing technologies to more effectively improve the management of cancer patients.
New deliverable available!
The new deliverable, under the title Initial prototypes of specific components for all BigMedilytics pilots, presents a first overview of the different software prototypes, and shows the different components, data and challenges to overcome.
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