Subject: Technique Tuesday Tubular Herringbone Variations! Free to Download.

Hello Friends, I have a new Technique Tuesday for you! It is some variations on Tubular Herringbone. We have several Herringbone Handouts on the site, so if you don't know it check those out first.

I think I have mentioned before that one of my missions is to help beaders really get the basics down, have some reference materials, and learn beading in bite size step by step sections where there is room to really understand what is happening so that you as a beader can begin to wonder what would happen if I did this or that. Since so many bead shops have closed and the bigger bead shows are not around any more, (lots of people learned beading there) and so many magazines have disappeared, I feel it is good to have some structure and hope you enjoy these free handouts.

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Make it a great Week!


Tubular Herringbone kits that you can use to practice and learn Tubular Herringbone.

Fun Kits for the Season!

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