Subject: Technique Tuesday Tubular Herringbone!

Hello Happy Beaders!

Here we go with a new Technique Tuesday! Have you been practicing flat herringbone? Go any photos to send me? I'd love to see what you have been doing.. Now for the Tubular. I really just went over the basics, because as I was writing I thought about all the variations and I started spinning out. For example when I say Herringbone is always Pairs of beads to start, Well there is also a three bead herringbone... I guess that is the fun of beading. Always exceptions. But first we learn the basics!

We have some new hours starting soon at the store. Next week we are closed some extra days for a team builder workshop. So we will be open Sunday Sept 17th from 10:00-4:00! Make a note and tell your friends! And starting September 21st we will be open Thursday evenings until 5:30. A little extra time for you who work. Make it a great week! glenda

A beautiful periwinkle, greenish gold necklace with pearls! Make using 2 sided tubular herringbone and peyote.

A stunning variation of Tubular Herringbone. Gia is herringbone twist. The kit comes complete with everything you need including needles and thread.

8/0 delicas are part of this long necklace. Fun to do, Fun to wear! Tubular Herringbone.

Bead Easy workstation allows you to keep your beads sorted, identified, and able to be carried from one place to the next with no spillage. Great for large or small projects, and available in different sizes. check it out.

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