Subject: Technique Tuesday - Beads Gone Wild- Herringbone

Hello fellow beaders,

Its Technique Tuesday and today I'd like to show some samples of Herringbone! Like most stitches there is flat, circular, and tubular. It can be one or more beads high, you can use all the same size and type of bead, or you can mix the beads. You can increase, and decrease, and mix it with other stitches. At first when doing this stitch it takes some time to get used to the way it stitches up. The top is always a little open. It is a flexible stitch unless worked with some variations that will tighten it up. Lot's of fun to be had with this stitch! I've shown quite a few samples of different herringbone kits, using some or all herringbone. While this isn't all the kits we have using herringbone it's a great representation.


New to Herrringbone? Here is a great place to start!

Kit includes a You Tube Help video. *Also part of the new beader special... 3 kits 10% off and free 1 hour video call with glenda.

Tubular Herringbone with different size beads!

A Flat Herringbone with a pattern, which is then gathered to create this fantastic bracelet!

Herringbone around a Sterling or Gold Filled shape with different lengths to create these Flirtatious Earrings.

All of these are made using herringbone but with the addition of a couple of rows of chenille stitch. It offsets the pattern. Bliss!

Beautiful colors of the sunset in this sunset necklace or bracelet wrap kit. Tubular herringbone with several different sizes and shapes.

Tubular Herringbone with increases and

Right Angle Weave beads.

Herringbone base with peyote clasp loop.

Embellished Herringbone!

Herringbone flat ribbon. Shown with asymmetrical butterflies. You can make them to your liking. Make the ribbon long for a fun necklace!

Cobblestones... Herringbone using Different sizes, different shapes, following a chart.

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