Subject: Technique Tuesday 10.18.22

Technique Tuesday!

Today's topic is just a tip of the iceberg for this stitch. The Peyote Beading stitch, also known as gourd stitch, is probably one of the most popular stitches.

It can be done flat, tubular, free form, circular, spiral, diagonal, and I'm pretty sure a whole bunch more that I can't think of at the moment. You can do peyote stitch with almost any bead type and the possibilities are endless.

We start today with a little introduction. There is an Even Count and Odd Count. I'd like to say first off that so many people say that odd count peyote is sooooo difficult. No it is not! 

When you learn peyote, you learn how to change or add new thread, and if you can change or add a new thread, you can do odd count because it is just relocating the thread around a bit on one side, using the same paths that you use to change a thread. It puts you in position to do the next row. Then you are ready to continue.

Sometimes I hear people say they will only do even count... Well then you can never have a pattern with an exact center line.. More on this next week. I say just bite the bullet and do it. After all it's all just beading. You can watch two video's I have on You Tube. One is Flat Peyote, and the other is how to do the odd count turn around...if you want to get a jump on that.


A simple flat peyote with an edge, Mixed size 10 delicas make it easier for the brand new beginner, and yet it looks so elegant when finished. Friends won't believe this is your first project.

A more advanced project featuring flat peyote with increases and decreases, and layered!

A flat peyote base made with two different sized beads creating a textured pattern.

Showing the true beauty of the peyote stitch when used to create a tapestry type piece. Each little bead is a pixel in the finished design.

A fantastic tubular peyote rope with real gold plated seed beads! Designed by Damaris

The Court Jester is made up of netting for the strap and then tubular peyote for the 2 hanging bobbles! Lots of strategic increases and decreases! Designed by Leslie Venturoso.

Have you seen the new Patent Pending Bead Easy system.

Makes your beading life Easy! Create the size that is perfect for you.

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