Subject: Technique Tuesday 10/11/22 Beads Gone Wild

Hello Happy Beaders! Today I would like to share some different views of Right Angle Weave! I think this stitch gets a bad reputation, and very often I hear people say how hard and impossible it is to learn. I think it is more accurate to say that it is just a longer set of instructions before you repeat.

The set up. Right Angle Weave is made up of one or more beads on 4 sides, and the beads Or side of beads, sit at right angles to each other. (or the thread path of the thread thru the beads.) Units are connected and share common walls, like rooms in a house.

The Rule in Right Angle Weave is that you have to turn left or right after exiting each side, and never go straight to the next unit.

The steps, Pick up the number of beads you need to complete the unit, connect, then relocate.

If you can just remember these basics, and keep your wits about you you can do it!

For the thread Path, one thing I tell my students is pretend you are going to go home from the store, and at every intersection you have to turn left or right. Never go straight.


The above gives a little info on Right Angle Weave but if you want to really learn this stitch so you can do it comfortably with confidence then check out my Right Angle Weave Intensive "Course in a Box".  

Let's look at some examples of RAW

The three center beads are made using cubic right angle weave.

Mysterious Moon is made using flat raw, with different sized

pearls and embellished.

Vintage look is a raw base made with different beads and then embellished. FUN!

Embellished strands of raw!

Raw with different sides and beads.

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