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Hello my friends, Here we are almost at the end of August and Guess what? We haven't packed up anything! So....... We are still here and will be thru September. I decided to start doing inventory and cleaning and fixing computers, emails, web sites, taxes, etc etc...Crazy times.. but I am just taking things one day at a time and going with the flow. The good news for you is your local bead store is still here! To keep everyone safe we are setting appointments, still open limited hours, and still offering curbside pick up and web site shopping. Speaking of web site shopping, we have a couple of kits on sale.. check it out. Have a great beading day! Glenda


Guinevere - Aqua Glacier Blue- is back in stock and shipping now! It really is a beautiful uplifting color!

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Prague, shown here in it's newest color way.. Copper and Plum. This is a fun kit with lots of color and variation. Cubic Right Angle weave, Peyote. Don't worry if you don't know Cubic. I have three FREE youTube videos on this technique!

Prague Necklace Kit


ON Sale... Save $10.00 On Sale ... Save $10.00 On Sale ... Save $10.00

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Summer fun is a FUN and easy way to learn the Hubble Stitch!

Summer Fun


Beading Kits for all Levels of Beaders!

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Start your holiday projects now!

Holiday Wreath
Holiday Spirals

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