Subject: Save $20.00 Streer Art Bracelet Kit... Pre order now!

Hello Happ0y Beaders,

October is here and you know what that means... Days will fly by now in a blur till the end of the year. Start any holiday gifts and fun projects to wear now!

What's going on at the shop?

We are still having free technique classes every Saturday in October. Check it out on the website. Https://

 and remember we are still offering private lessons at $45.00. Yes you can still continue your beading education.

What's happening at Beads Gone Wild?  A New kit "Street Art"  It is a peyote bracelet kit made with 32 brilliant colors. Flower graffiti on a brick wall! The kit includes everything you need including step by step instructions, needles, thread and a video on how to easily handle 32 colors in a bead weaving project. The actual pattern is 6.75 inches long, by 1.5" wide, and can be made larger by changing the clasp, or beading some extra rows on each end. You can even pick a set of rows out of the original pattern and add the the end. When wearing the bracelet sometimes it looks abstract and then you see glimpses of the flowers. Buy now at the pre-order price and save $20.00. We expect to ship on October 15th.

Check out our holiday kits, Remember any kits using S crystal will be closed out when we run out of those beads. While the inventory on the web site should be accurate, sometimes it is off,,, if so we will let you know before making any changes.. thanks for all your support! The store is fully stocked (on most items.) so come on in and shop! We are still asking people to wear masks..Open Tue-Sat 10:00-4:00 pm. Have a great Weekend!

Only 9 kits remain! Get it while you can!

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