Subject: Prague 2! New Kit Color - Beads Gone Wild

Hello Happy Beaders! I just wanted to do a quick update on the West Palm Store... Time is ticking and I am getting a bit nervous of all the work that needs to be done by the 31st. If you need beads... give us a call and we may be able to put in a few appointments.. However We really do have a deadline looming over head and must meet it. Still waiting for a wonderful new owner to come and take over... So many people will miss the shop! As you know, I will still be designing and selling kits thru the Beads Gone Wild site. Which reminds me... I finally finished the new Prague. It is hard sometimes making a second color way.. and following all of the same.. placements of bead colors so the instructions will match.. This one was tricky and I made a couple of the beads over about 10 times trying different combos... I am happy with the final results! Next up will be a southwestern color scheme from a customer request. Stay safe, sane, centered, and happy. Keep beading! Glenda

Prague- Cubic Right Angle Weave. There are several YouTube videos I have made to help you if you don't know Cubic. Search Beads Gone Wild YouTube.

Beads Gone Wild YouTube

Northern Lights

Bliss- Several Different Styles of a beautiful stitch!

Bliss Collection

Shimmer Necklace Kit

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Check out the Beads Gone Wild video's .

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