Subject: New Technique Tuesday Topic from Beads Gone Wild

Hello Happy Beaders! We are going on our 3 or 4 day of Rainy Days here in Florida... I am hoping that you all had a great Passover or Easter. My Brothers son and wife just had a baby so now I am a Great Aunt. We had a visiting dog Bentley for a couple of weeks! Oh what a sweetheart. It was a little too much for me with him 1.5 year Golden-doodle, and 6 month old Gibbs. They all got along so at least that wasn't an issue. Happy to report that we found a fantastic home for Bentz. Now he is with a family and has an older sister doodle! At the shop we have been putting up alot of classes. Including new to beading classes since we have so many new beaders. It's exciting. Be sure to check out our calendar if you are in town or will be visiting. We have a new Technique Tuesday. It is on Stitch in the ditch. I hope to see lots of examples of ways you experimented with this technique. Make it a great rest of your week! Glenda

Herringbone base with sections of chenille and a beautiful flower.

A beautiful and delicate fringe earring that is great for the summer!

Easy to make and good for travel Necklaces! Herringbone.

Get your Bead Easy now and be ready for summer vacation trips!

Did you know that Glenda invented the Bead Easy System?

Once you make these beaded beads you will want to experiment with all types and sizes!

I love this periwinkle bluish color with the green iris gold. Peyote leaves and Herringbone.

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