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Experience the feeling of true opulence with this aristocratic necklace.
Graceful lines, and touches of sparkling crystal make this a must have
piece. Learn how to blend netted tubes filled with crystal, to tubular
right angle weave. Make beaded bead roundels as accents, and finish off
with a cubic right angle weave circle pennant which holds the new Swarovski crystal element. Designed by Demaris.
High in the Himalayas you will see Tibetan Prayer flags which are used
to bless the surrounding countryside. Traditionally the flags came in
sets of five colors; Blue, white, red, green and yellow to represent the
elements. The center flag featured a Lung ta (strong horse) bearing
three flaming jewels which symbolize Buddha, the Dharma (the teachings),
and the Sangha (Buddhist community). Ta is a symbol of speed and the
transformation of bad fortune to good fortune. Make your own personalized bracelet choosing meaningful colors to symbolize and enhance your life. This bracelet uses flat circular peyote with increases, stitching in the ditch, tubular peyote bezel, and connecting stitches.
Designed by Glenda.
This is a very fun layering technique which actually looks like smocking
when finished. Start with a peyote base, and then do netting on the top
with pearls and crystals for extra sparkle!
Take an extra long tubular herringbone necklace made using various sizes
of seed beads, and attach a metal component along with the new
Swarovski crystal element drop with a beaded bail. Perfect for casual
wear but with a touch of sparkle. Great for all level of beaders.

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