Subject: Memorial Day!

Hello Happy Beaders,

Hope you are getting ready to or have started your Memorial Day Weekend Events! As you know we will be finishing up the last 3 days of the store being open... then a couple of days to pack. It has been an emotional month as people have come in to say thank you, many who learned all of their beading here. People who made cherished friendships and people who wanted to take classes, and people who love to hang around the bead shop!

Gibbs and Piper will be very sad not coming to work to see all the people, as will I.

Anyways if you didn't get to make some Red White and Blue jewelry for Memorial Day you still have time for July 4th. Have a great Week!


Bead Easy is a must for summer travel and taking your beading projects...

The little components fit very nicely on a bic pen if you want to fancy up your pen!

We have some videos on YouTube already and more will be coming now that I will be having more time. Go now and subscribe!

A top selling kit designed by Leslie Venturoso.

Not your Average Amulet Bag! You will love all the uniqueness in this work of art.

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