Subject: Limited Time Offer: Overstocked Kits on Sale!

Hello Friends! I am hoping that everyone is ok from the storms, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and heat. Here we are still organizing our new smaller space. It's really working good except taking over 900 -11/o delicas off grid hooks and putting them on slat wall hooks so we can get them on the wall, is taking it's own sweet time.

I'm glad we are back to doing classes. Even though they are limited to 4 people, it's great to see people learning and creating again! Please remember we have some classes up on the calendar of the Crystal Creations Bead Institute web site, but there are plenty of openings to put in classes on demand. If there is something you want let us know and we will book it.

For Technique Tuesday I am getting ready next week to do Tubular Herringbone. I was on facebook and someone was asking for free projects to learn how to do peyote or something, and I thought Projects Free or Paid for are no guarantee to learn a stitch. If you want to learn a stitch you need to learn the stitch and understand what is happening. That's what I love about the Technique Tuesdays. Learning the basics.

Though I very often go step by step in our kits. You can learn more about each stitch thru different kits. Learn the basics, and pick up a few kits to really get good at beading.

I took a little leather class last week and the teacher was saying.. he took a silversmith class and the guy taught him in 2 weeks all the points. Then said 2 weeks to learn and a lifetime to master. I think beading is the same.

On the shopping cart, we discovered that we made a couple of kits twice so we have a large stock. So we are putting them on sale for you this week.

Check it out! Stay safe and have a happy week.


Yellow is still in fashion. Nostalgic Dreams is made with the Hubble Stitch and then embellished! Save $14.00 off each kit, While Supplies Last. Step by Step Instructions.

These Bohemian Style - Brick Stitch and Fringe earrings never go out of style! Save $10.00 on the Silver Silver Color.

A very fun tubular peyote necklace put together just a little bit different that expected. This like all of our other kits has step by step instructions and you can also download Technique Tuesday papers to gain more understanding of the stitch.

The Holidays will be here before you know it!

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