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Hello Happy Beaders, So lets continue on the thread discussion started on the last newsletter.
I did have one person write say they have been using Nymo for 20 years and like it.  I started thinking if I could clarify my initial feeling about Nymo.  I had defended it for many years.. and then after using one g for a couple of years.. I was on a cruise and the teacher put nymo in the kit and it was terrible.. a big shred feast. I came home and took all the nymo out of the store. Ok so lets be fair though.  Nymo- good points it is less expensive than the new Japanese threads, it comes in sizes 00-D.
Worth noting the larger spools tend to be just a little thicker than the same size in a bobbin.  If you can thread it and bead with very little ripping out… you will be fine. Most new people tend to rip out more causing the thread to fray much quicker than the Japanese threads.  Fraying frustrates and turns new beaders off thread.  Most people use to use size D Nymo which is thicker than the B. Japanese threads now tend to be closer to size B which took me a bit to get used to. However, they are now also making larger spools of those threads and they will be a bit thicker. The real point I was trying to make, is that there is no perfect thread… it depends on the project, the beads, personal preference, and desired outcome. I encourage everyone to try… experiment… and be able to use all. Have a great weekend!
New Lady Cordova 24" necklace!
Designed by Beads Gone Wild Designer Damaris Cordero.
Three Shades Bracelet Kit
Our first Three Shades kit is shades of Grey using. Swarovski Pearls, Platinum Seed Beads and sterling silver toggle.
Framed Flower Bead Weaving Earring Kit
Circular Flat Peyote, layered with pearl component in the center.
Flaming Jewels - Circular Flat Peyote Squares, edged, with center Bezeled Rivoli.  Wonderful to wear!
4058 Forest Hill Blvd.
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33406

Beads Gone Wild - Crystal Creations Bead Institute, 4058 Forest Hill Blvd, Palm Springs, Florida 33406, United States
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