Subject: It's Technique Tuesday from Beads Gone Wild

Happy Technique Tuesday everyone,

Before we get started I need to make a little announcement. We just noticed that our last batch of Snowman Earring Kit did not have enough Color A Cylinder beads. So if you got a kit during October let me know.. I emailed the people who bought them, but haven't heard back from everyone yet.. We guarantee that our kits have enough beads to complete the project so this is really embarrassing... glad we caught it (with the help of a customer) right away. And now we are adding one more step to our packing process... so that is good.

I just made these new Hanukkah Menorah Earrings! Still haven't gotten a perfect photo yet. They are so shimmery. There were alot of challenges with this design... still wanting to do the split screen variation... but wanting to do peyote horizontally rather than vertically so the candles would be a single line, and preferring odd count look but even count feel... So I did some interesting variations. No fringe on these but I am still thinking about it... I was asked by a customer to make some more Hanukkah jewelry so that's how these came about. It's a fun project.

So for this weeks Technique Tuesday I want to go over odd count peyote turn around.

Starting with a fact. There are only two ways to move your thread thru peyote and you use these ways when adding thread, weaving thread off, or moving thru the work to do some embellishment and when doing the odd count turn around.

You can get this download for free from our Beads Gone Wild Site. You will want to always keep this handy for reference.

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Pat is working on a big Star and it has lots of colors. She is using the bead easy large traveler with extra cups. She picks up each bead and lays it on the mat while reading the word chart. Then stitches in all the beads! Pretty handy!

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