Subject: It's Friday. New Beads Gone WIld Kits....

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Hello Creative Beaders, Hope this Friday newsletter finds you in good spirits. I know that alot of you who get our newsletter have never been to the store in Florida. So I took a few pictures so you can see what we are up to. We have a 2300 Sq. foot store plus classroom. Normally teaching over 150 different classes. All of our classes and Beads Gone Wild kits are on display. If you want to do some virtual shopping call us. There is no way for us to put up all of our inventory on the shopping cart. (at least not now).  So the web site mostly has our kits. We are happy to pull colors for you etc.. Right now we are offering shipping, web, email, phone orders. Some possible Curb side Pick up. Send this email along to some of your friends.. Thanks Stay safe.  Glenda
Lacey Days- Citrus is a new color, Joining turquoise and Amethyst. A good value at $26.00 per kit! *This was my first design kit made with super duos.
It's Here! Ribbon Bracelet!  Gold Cylinder Beads, and Permanent Finish, along with Swarovski Crystals.
I am so excited to see the interest in the Geo Galaxy Kit. I do think it is perfect for this time of stress and quarantine. Little concentration and lots of visual stimuli. 
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West Palm Beach, Fl. 33406

Beads Gone Wild - Crystal Creations Bead Institute, 4058 Forest Hill Blvd, Palm Springs, Florida 33406, United States
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