Subject: Introducting Bead Easy

Hello Happy Beaders!, First I need to remind everyone that we will be closed THIS Thursday for a Team Building Event.. and of course Next Thursday for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Next I am very happy to finally introduce Beads Gone Wilds latest invention "Bead Easy". I have been working on this for quite some time.. since I was doing a loom project with several colors and got very annoyed at constant bead soup. I did try several of the sorting mats, and then said "I think we can do better!" So here it is. Patent Pending Bead Easy - Workstation solution. What does it do? The magnetic cups keep beads separated on a metal board, The surface on the cups makes the beads sit holes up..

you can easily identify beads using several different systems. Work with as many colors as you have cups for! It can be made travel able.. but because of the metal board and magnetic cups you are easily able to carry the palette from room to room. Clean up is a breeze. Watch the YouTube video on how to use Bead Easy. We will be starting to ship on Nov 30th. if you are out of town and need help with beads.. give us a call. If you are coming to Florida look us up, If you are in town Come and see us... Tue - Sat 10:00-4:00.


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