Subject: Holiday Beading has Never Been So Fun!

Hello Happy Beaders! I just got back from a short vacation where I was making miniatures. My other hobby! It was in Maine and the weather was great, classes were fun and overall a fun trip. I missed Piper and Gibbs though! I will be adding another Technique Tuesday to the bunch on Tuesday. Sorry it's been a few weeks. Continuing on right angle weave and it variations. Be on the look out! And a little reminder that Beads Gone Wild does have some videos on You Tube. You can search You Tube Beads Gone Wild. The one that alot of people love is how to do cubic right angle weave. There are 3 all together, the stitch, variations, and then connecting. Check it out and tell any of your friends who need help. My intention is to have another 30 topics by the end of the year. We also have Bead Easy video, and if you haven't see it yet, you can watch the interview I did with Kelly Dale. Bead Easy is continuing to be a very successful workspace solution. Reviews are on the Beads Gone Wild Store Shopping cart. Have a great Weekend... Happy Fathers day to those out there... Glenda

Curious about Glenda's Patent Pending Beaders workstation. Watch the interview.

Don't be afraid of Cubic Right Angle Weave!

These are just a few of our kits that use Cubic Right Angle Weave. It really is an easy stitch if you start off the right way. Watch the you tube videos by Beads Gone Wild with Glenda and see what you think.

Newest Kit is Amelia. 2 colors available. Tubular Peyote. Delicate and Beautiful.

It's not too early to start your holiday collection!

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