Subject: Happy March 10th!

Hello Happy Beaders,

Again I ask everyone to take a moment and pray for peace in Ukraine. It is hard to imagine what they are going thru.

Couple of things... I learned some new things on Chenille stitch that I want to share with you. It seems that Genevieve Liebaert first introduced the tubular version which she called Chenille Spiral or Chenille Stitch. To me the stitch seems like a variation of peyote, and I personally saw some herringbone in there too. I made a pattern called Herringbone Mix. It has Herringbone then bits of Chenille, and then back to Herringbone. It seems that Diana Balogh was probably the first to introduce the "Flat Chenille Stitch" as a bracelet pattern in 2015 in a Beadwork article. I think at this point there is some confusion as to whether it is a stitch or a pattern design. Going from Tubular to Flat seems a variation of the stitch. However I like to give people space in their creations and don't want to step on any toes by offering my instructional pdf until this is determined. I am an educator and broke down the stitch and what it contained and how to create variations so people could easily understand the components of it. . Seed Beads And More Facebook group is working with Diana and her Flat Chenille Stitch Bracelet and Frame this month. It is a great Facebook group check it out. And please check out Diana's work at

Have you Saved the Date for the Venetian Glass Bead and Jewelry show... April 6-9th?

So many people were asking for them to come back so let's make it a great show!

Make it a great week... Save gas... stay home and bead!


Venetian Glass Trunk Show!

Herringbone Mix

On Sale... Save $6.00 on this Herringbone Mix Bracelet. Learn to Transition between herringbone and chenille stitch.

4th of July is coming!

It really opens!

Bead Easy is Expected in Beginning of April!

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