Subject: Hand Made Beads of Glass

Hello Happy Beaders! We are getting excited about the Venetian Glass Bead Show. Call to set up a time to come in and see them in person. Plan on some Virtual buying if you are not in town. 561-649-9909. We are still getting more and more of the 11/o delicas in and are loving all the colors. We are pretty close to having all of them. We have a new Kit. Its 2 drop peyote and called "Silk Flowers". However I am just finishing up Silk Flowers 2. Which is also shown (in its in-completed state). Both versions come with a sterling silver clasp and can make up to 8" bracelet.


Did you get the newest 11/0 Dura Coat colors ?

11/o New Color Package

  ***** Saturday march 13th we will be open due to the Venetian Trunk Show.    So if that is the only day you can shop in the bead shop... be sure to call for an appt. 561.649.9909.


Silk Flowers is a new Peyote Pattern Kit, with Sterling Silver Clasp. Kit's make up to 8" bracelet. If you need a smaller size a little of the end design will have to be removed. Photo shows 7.5 " bracelet. They both will have a ruffle edge, however it is optional.

Silk Flowers
Midnight Garden
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