Subject: Become a Beading Pro: Get ready for our next Technique Tuesday

Hello happy beaders!

 I am so sorry that I missed a couple of Technique Tuesdays. We had the big mission of downsizing our retail store from 2 bays to one. Amazingly, with the help of my dedicated and energetic staff, we did it!

Get ready for a new Technique Tuesday where we will start the exploration of the Herringbone Stitch. As I was picking photos of kits to put on the slide I was reminded of the extensive variety of looks and uses with this stitch.!

To those of you who are new to my teaching style, this is what I believe and how I like to teach:

I have discovered that the most effective approach is to introduce the basics in small, manageable steps. By breaking down the techniques into bite-sized pieces, with practice in between, students can better assimilate and integrate the techniques into their minds. As the learner grasps each fundamental aspect, we move forward, building upon these skills. This incremental learning process allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind beading, which essentially involves sewing beads together to achieve a desired result. As their proficiency improves, they begin to see the

interconnectedness of various techniques, enabling them to express their creativity and bring their unique visions to life through beadwork. With patience and dedication, beaders can evolve into proficient artisans, capable of creating intricate and beautiful designs with confidence and skill.

An educator at heart, I also make sure that the Beads Gone Wild Kits explore many different techniques, styles, and beads. Learn beading one project at a time!

As we start with the Herringbone stitch, feel free to start collecting any of our herringbone kits to have on hand to practice with.

Make it a great beading day.


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Have you tried Bead Easy yet? Individual Magnetic cups on a board. They stay put. Use with bead buddy and all you have to do is close the top and go.

Amelia done in mostly tubular peyote but not as you think.

Now available in 2 colors.

A beautiful herringbone rope done with various sized beads. 

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