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Hello Happy Beaders, I hope you are finding ways to manage during this crisis.  I've been on facebook a little more lately. The debate over thread or fireline still goes on. I'll give my point of view.
1) Nymo was and still is a bad thread. But it did come in size 00 which is needed at times.
2) The Japanese threads all vary a bit but I find them to be very good in most cases. YOU have to stretch the curl out of it or it does tangle more.
3) I like threads because of the colors (which do influence the color of the beads) and you can control the tension. Also when you need to do surface embellishing it allows a little give in the bead work.
4) Fireline is useful when you need strength, however I feel the best part is you can get heavier weights that you can't get with thread.10,12 lb etc..  to work with. Sometimes that is necessary.
5) I always suggest you learn to work with both so you can continue to have many tools at your disposal. Try them both with different beads and stitches and notice the difference.
Emerald City Close OUT
We have 2 Emerald and 1 Sapphire color left!
Mini Windows of St Chappelle Close OUT
2 Blue Left! Uses 3 different sizes of Swarovski Ovals.
Prague- a Study in Cubic Right Angle Weave.
Pearl Bliss in Color of the Year Blue
New Color!!
Golden Nepal New Vision Flat Peyote, Emellished. Beaded Toggle
Ashbury - A Brickstitch Classic
Please forward this to some friends that like to do beading!
Dogwood- Perfect for beginners! Stunning look!
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