Subject: Beading Kits for all Stitches

Hello lovely beading friends!

     I am so sorry for all of the people who are being touched by the terrible storms. Hoping relief comes soon. My thoughts are with you.

     One of the questions I get asked most often is what is the difference between Beads Gone Wild and Crystal Creations Bead Institute?

The retail store started out in 1990 as just Crystal Creations. A metaphysical type store that had beads because they were made of stones. (we also had Tarot cards, incense, wind chimes,books, statues, jewelry etc... Around 2008 I was talking to someone and noticed that we didn't have any crystal rock clusters like shown on the business card, and there was a bead in my shoe. I said "it's like these beads have gone wild." (not knowing about Girls gone wild.). I loved that name, but having been Crystal Creations for so long I had a dilemma.. So we changed the physical store to Crystal Creations Bead Institute- having over 150 different classes, and Beads Gone Wild, which was the name of the internet shop selling our designer kits by the same name. There has been some co mingling along the way but maybe now we have it sorted out.

     IF you want to see what's going on at the physical location that web site is

Https:// and we also have a face book page with the same name.

Kits and the on line shopping cart are Https:// and we have a face book page with that title too.

We sell our kits on Etsy as well.

     On the Beads Gone Wild site we have all the Delicas up, Seeds, Kits, Instructions and some other things. Thanks to the pandemic I have had time to devote to fixing it up a bit.

     We are still juggling the hours at the physical location due to covid. We are open usually Monday - Friday 10:00-4:30 but ask people to call and let us know they are coming. We like to keep the traffic down. We do open for some Saturdays too.

   If you are one of our out of town customers then please remember that when you look at the beads gone wild shopping cart it really is a fraction of our inventory and we are a full service bead shop so if you need help or items you don't see please email or call. chances are we can help you. We can send photos, match colors, pull a list of Delicas etc... We are like your on line local bead shop. We offer personalized service. But please note - We are a small company not Amazon. Meaning most likely things cant be ordered at 2 in the morning and you will get it the next day. Hehehe....

    Finally just a note, if you buy any of our Kits they are guaranteed to have enough beads to complete the project as stated. If you need help we are here to help. I have also started adding many youtube videos on the web site to accompany our kits, or to go over beading techniques. (again thanks to covid).

    We are learning about all kinds of new ways to do business thru phones, chats, emails, etc.. it is kind of fun. Embracing the new world.

Venetian Glass Trunk Show- Please Save the dates for a fantastic Venetian Glass Bead Trunk Show in March. We welcome Nicole and Francesco.. (piper loves him) for their annual show. This year we are first on the tour. Call now to set up a time for yourself. People with appointments will be given first opportunity to shop. Precautions will be in place, and face times available.

Make it a great day and thank you to all of our customers!


Casual Friday is a Herringbone Rope with several different beads. A long necklace with a Beautiful focal. Available in two colors.

Casual Friday Kit

Dogwood is a sophisticated looking Peyote Stitch Bracelet.

Great even for beginners!

Dogwood kit

Brick Stitch Earrings Aztec Sun and Sunburst Earrings.

Aztec Sun Kit
Sunburst kit

Netting Stitch- Great For Beginners, looks like advanced!

Netted Lace

Cubic Right Angle Weave Rope-  There is a Beads gone Wild YouTube for cubic!

Harmony Kit

Hundreds of Kits, for all levels, and all stitches. Check it out! If you are not sure where to start or if a kit is good for your level, give us a call.

Beads Gone Wild

Come into the Store, Call or Check our facebook, Crystal Creations Bead Institute for Photos.

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