Subject: Whiskey & Beer of the Week! / Cheese & Wine Pairing!

Whiskey of the Week!
  This week, we're featuring HUDSON Whiskey!
Single malt, Baby bourbon, Four grain bourbon, & Manhattan rye!

Single Malt: Woody character w/ tones of vanilla wafer & spice! 
Baby Bourbon: Woody, smokey, w/ mellow notes of vanilla & caramel.  
Four Grain Bourbon: Rich & peppery, warm, soothing  
Manhattan Rye: Bold, spicy, rustic, touch of honey & coconut! 

Come & experience our wild selection of American-made Whiskey!
Beer Feature of Week!
Figueroa Mnt. "Zero to Sexy" Golden Mocha Coffee Ale 

This Golden Mocha Ale appears mild and meek but behind its gold color is a sexy, complex brew. As this beer approaches your lips, aromas of coffee beans take over your senses, luring you in.
Light, earthy hop profiles make way for rich flavors from the hand roasted coffee and cacao nibs sourced locally in Santa Barbara, California. Zero to Sexy in just one sip.

Try out this limited in supply goodness!

Cheese & Wine Pairing!
Yangarra Shiraz 2012
Inky black purple color w/ deep dark purple black hue. Notes of ripe blackberry and licorice w/ vanillin oak & tobacco, black pepper & spice on nose, palate, & aftertaste!  

pair w/ 

Quickes Traditional Smoked Oaked Cheddar
A well-flavoured mature cheddar, 12-15 months in age, is specially selected to be naturally smoked for 3-4 hours over oak chips from the farm’s woodland. The truckles are cut into 1.5Kg pieces prior to smoking as this ensures the flavour will infuse throughout the cheese.

The smoked cheddar brings out the slight earthy, smokey, & tobacco notes in the shiraz!
Have a Happy Friday! 
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