Subject: 🍀🌸Time to Celebrate Spring with New Bubbly, Beer and Nibbles!

Oh March, how we love you so. You give us leprechauns, allergies and warmer weather-all of which are really good excuses to drink! 

Here is an inside look at some new Barsha goodies that you will not want to pass up!
Hipster Juice Riesling Pet Nat Willamette Valley 2017
 Oh pet-nat, what a beautifully underrated wine. You may be asking, what is a pet-nat? Well, here ya go:

What’s light, natural, and fizzy all over? That’s right, we’re talking Pétillant Naturel, or Pét-Nat, for short. Despite its recent surge in popularity, Pét-Nat is actually far from being the new kid on the block. In fact, this spritzy sparkler dates back pre-Champagne, making it the OG way to produce sparkling wine. So how exactly is it made?

Pét-Nat is produced in the méthode ancestral, otherwise known as “rurale,” “artisanale,” or “gaillacoise.” Long story short, the wine is bottled prior to fully completing its first fermentation, allowing carbon dioxide to be produced by the natural sugars found in the grapes. The méthode ancestrale was originally used in Limoux in the south of France in the early 16th century by winemaking monks. This production method is contrary to the méthode champenoise, the way in which Champagne is produced, where the base wine is fully fermented, then undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle with the addition of yeast and sugar (otherwise known as liqueur de tirage.) Unlike Champagne, Pét-Nat is not disgorged, and may or may not be filtered on completion of fermentation.

THE JAM STAND: Drunken Monkey
Sugar-coated bananas, a splash of rum and a dash of lime. 
-slosh me on a piece of toast or pancakes
-let me sauce up your ordinary ice cream dish or PB&J
-pass up on me and you'll be pissed that you wasted your chance!
The Bruery and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Collaborate on Hold The Spoon Imperial Blonde Ale
A new creation from The Bruery was inspired by the flavors of Jeni’s Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks ice cream.

Hold the Spoon is an 8.8 percent ABV imperial blonde ale brewed with cacao nibs, lactose, peanut flour and salt. The recipe for the ale has been in development for months, and was created “with the simple goal of conveying the wonderful experience of eating Jeni’s Ice Cream in… beer form,” according to Andrew Bell, innovation manager at The Bruery.

Come get it while it lasts!
St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and Barsha is here for your beer needs. Sit back, relax and enjoy a cold one with us.

- Boont Amber Ale, Anderson Valley Brewing Co. (Boonville, CA)
- Love Hazy IPA, Almanac Brewing Co. (Alameda, CA)
- Allagash Saison, Allagash Brewing Co. (Portland, ME)
- Dark Ailment Russian Imperial Stout, Track 7 Brewing Co. (Sacramento, CA)
-Steelhead Extra Pale Ale, Mad River Brewing Co. (Blue Lake, CA)
- Lil Bo Pils, Pilsner Smog City Brewing Co. (Torrance, CA)

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