Subject: NEW Japanese Whiskey Just in Time For Cherry Blossom Season!

Sakura Season is upon us-Celebrate with some Japanese Whiskey
Ohishi Whisky

Ohishi Sakura cask is Ohishi Sherry and Ohishi Brandy casks that are finished in locally grown, new Sakura Casks for over 1 Year. Sakura is known as Cherry Blossom tree in English. It gives a toasted oak quality to the whisky that is very unique. It is the further exploration of the terroir of Kumamoto, Japan. (89.99)

The Kurayoshi Malt Whiskey Aged 18 Years

It's a 100% malted barley Whiskey, sourced from distilleries around Scotlad before making their way to Japan, where it is blended with Japanese Whisky, aged and cut to proof with the legendary volcanic stone filtered waters of Tottori Prefecture. 
A delicate balance of vanilla and mint with a sweet hint of toasted wood and cardamon. (224.99)

Fukano Whisky Jikan 

Special edition Fukano blend of whiskies between 3 and 11 years. The whisky is all soft oak with honey and candied fruits. A touch of sherry rounds everything beautifully. (99.99)

Fukano Whisky 2018 Edition

This Fukano stands out with its ethereal fruity delights, the result of meticulous vigilance to preserve the spirts nature. Supplse nose of lychee, peaches, smarties and watermelon. (79.99)


Semi-soft cheese, smooth, mouth-feel, caramel scent, slightly nutty/sweet flavor
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