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Amaro -Your New Best Friend!

Guess who's got an amazing Amaro collection? Barsha!!!
  Amaro is a bittersweet digestif liqueur from Italy that is made from a heavily guarded secret concoction of herbs and spices. No two Amaro are alike, therefore, you'll have to explore to find out what they're all about! You can drink Amaro neat, on ice, with sparkling water, or with your favorite whiskey to make an awesome cocktail! Check out the link below!

Harissa - Spice up your life!!!

The "national condiment of Tunisia," Harissa is a chili pepper paste( usually sun-dried anaheim peppers) with a generous amount of tabil (tunisian spice mixture-which by the way we are going to be selling soon!), olive oil, and garlic. It is has a complex, smoky flavor that is a great addition to almost anything! Mix a little in your fall or winter soup, add a dab to your eggs in the morning, show some love to your marinara,  mix w/ cream cheese for a quick dip, or just enjoy straight up w/ our warm crispy baguettes! 
Enjoy this tasty condiment in our Tasting Room & also available in our Retail Shop!
Smog City Groundwork Coffee Porter 
(Served in Tasting Room!)

Each barrel of this porter is made with over five pounds of fresh coffee, giving it a rich flavor of roasted espresso bean, dark chocolate, and delicious malt. Crisp and refreshing dark porter is the perfect beer for a cool autumn day.
  Let Smog City stir up your perception of "dark" beers!
Picnic Baskets! 
(Great for fall concerts/perfect gift for holidays!)

It's fall in So Cal and so that means it's still warm enough to spend time outside yet cool enough not to break out into a sweat doing it. Get one of our beautiful wicker picnic baskets and enjoy a meal in the sunshine laughing at all those suckers who chose to live somewhere else!
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