Subject: An Introduction To JRM Outdoor Solutions

Who is JRM Outdoor Solutions and how can we help you?
The mission of JRM Outdoor solutions is to provide equipment and knowledge that makes maintaining all properties less work and less costly, using automation! We do this while helping you be greener,  using less energy and doing it cleaner. 

We offer automation lawn care (smaller properties and large acreages), snow removal and more. We also help with knowledge and financing if you need that. You can be in a totallyh different world in no matter if you do the work yourself or you do it for someone else for a business, in a matter of days!

For homeowners who want beautiful lawns and green, simple automation! 
All salespeople need a way to collect names and phone numbers and educate leads about what they do, from their digital business card!
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For commercial schools, sports, municipalities, who want automation and gree. 
List meetings, locations, members and mre from one digital card! Even have a virtual meeting if you like in a Zoom Room!
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For businesses who maintains yards, snow removal who want automation!
Direct Sales and Networking agents need a way to netork and share what they do too! EZcard makes it easy!
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Benefits Of Working With JRM Outdoor Solutions:
  • We make you look good
  • We help you save money with automation
  • We help you save time with automation 
  •  money or more profitable
  • We make you green
  • A professional image makes you look good
  • We have a vast amount of experience in the industry
  • We can help with financing
  • We can help educate, generate sales, offer support, and make more sales

Let us do all the work:

Let us create it for you and make the changes in the future!
You do what you do best, and run your business. Just send us to your existing web site and we will use what you have, or tell us  your idea and we will put it together for you.

All for one low monthly fee!

You will love your new card.

Have you ever seen such professional graphics? Best of all this is not a template, it is created for you, with your graphics and images.

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Do we have an affiliate program?
Yes, we do. We do not focus on it, but you can earn income each month a friend or associate of yours signs up from your link and stays with the program.

This way you can do one of two things.

1. Get your card for free!
2. Build an income to make a car payment or more!

Learn more about our affiliate program here.
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