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Issue 2016-09
Europe's innovation capital award goes to... Amsterdam!
Combine your annual conference ticket with one of these masterclasses
NAAC's workshop in Liege highlights best practices
Invest Horizon invites entrepreneurs to Eindhoven on 2 June
ASTP-Proton events
Personal branding
Trends in food industry
Trends in MedTech industry

Copenhagen, Denmark
25 May 2016
Making a difference through knowledge transfer

Copenhagen, Denmark
25-27 May 2016
Creating successful spin-outs
Fundamentals of technology transfer
Software-specific challenges

Leiden, The Netherlands
21-23 September 2016
Fall meeting

Location TBA
16-18 November 2016
Partners' events/important dates

March 2016 - September 2017


21 April 2016
Ascenion GmBH

Munich, Germany
17 May 2016


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
8 June2016
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