USA Survival News - 22 Oct. 2010

October 22nd, 2010 at 5:48 am EDT

Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival, Inc.

Our “Marxism in America” conference at the National Press Club was a huge success, with standing room only on some occasions during the day-long event. We had to bring in more chairs for the many who attended.

Paul Kengor, author of Dupes, was our keynote luncheon speaker and stayed to autograph dozens of books for those who attended. His speech was excellent. However, during the question-and-answer period, he seemed pessimistic about saving our country. I countered by vowing to redouble our efforts through America’s Survival, Inc. Plus, I quoted my pastor as saying that we should act on the acronym PUSH – standing for Pray Until Something Happens. We need God’s help. That is for sure. This is a spiritual battle.

Paul later emailed me, saying:

Really enjoyed it today. Thank you for the opportunity and for your courage. I said that I was pessimistic, but it's the work of people like you that keep a flicker of hope alive.

 I thank Paul. And I thank all of you who receive our newsletters and support our work. Please ask people to go to our web site and click under the “Marxism in America” image to look at our videos and reports. This is information you can’t get anywhere else.


I repeat: If you didn’t make it, you can now see our YouTube videos of former FBI agent Max Noel. Click on our home page on the item about our conference to go right to the videos. Max Noel discusses the Weather Underground terrorists and the need to bring them to justice. You can read Larry Grathwohl’s testimony about what he learned about Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn when he was inside the organization. My opening speech is there as well.

The conference was action-packed: Blogger Trevor Loudon, who broke the Frank Marshall Davis and Van Jones stories, came all the way from New Zealand to speak. Mary Grabar dissected communist “historian” Howard Zinn. Robert Knight examined the communist connections and subversive nature of the “gay rights” movement. Bob noted that Marxism not only calls for the abolition of private property but the abolition of the family.

All of our conference reports are at Please take some time to examine this material. It may be the most important information you will ever come across. Scroll down and look at all of the different reports and videos we have assembled for your edification.

You can quickly scan my Power Point presentation on “Marxism in America” that I produced in printed form. This is in easy-to-read format and summarizes the history and nature of Marxism and the current threat we face, complete with images and pictures. It is in two-part PDF form.

Under our category of the “Frank Marshall Davis Files,” I have a new report on my visit to the Davis archives at Washington University in Sl. Louis. Remember that we had the Davis story – and his 600-page FBI file – months before the 2008 presidential election took place. All of those files are there and have been since August 2008.

We recorded the conference and will have videos of the conference for sale as soon as my videographer can get everything produced and edited. So stay tuned.

But let me tell you where we are going with all of this. We intend to make a case, after the new Congress is elected, for the restoration of a House Internal Security Committee to support law enforcement and investigate Marxist and Islamic groups working hand-in-hand against America.

I will have more to report on this in the next few weeks.

Can I count on your support? Please begin by sending your friends and associates the link to our home page and ask them to review our conference material.

Give me your thoughts at my personal email address Tell what you can and will do to support our educational mission.

Don’t give me any excuses for a failure to act. Tell me what you will do to help save America.


For America's Survival,


Cliff Kincaid, President

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