News from America's Survival - 6 January 2011

January 6th, 2011 at 7:01 pm EDT

Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival, Inc.:

A so-called “birther” interrupted the reading of the Constitution on the House floor. The Hill newspaper reported:

The outburst in the gallery reportedly came during a reading of the section in the Constitution requiring that presidents be naturally born U.S. citizens in order to be eligible for that office.

World Net Daily reported:

The U.S. House, which was in the process of reading the U.S. Constitution aloud for the first time ever, was interrupted briefly today by a woman protester who shouted "except Obama" when the requirements for the person who occupies the Oval Office were read from the founding document.

Comments to the Hill newspaper paper about the controversy included:

I’m more interested in his [Obama’s] mentor, communist Frank Marshall Davis, and his FBI file that details his anti-American activity as a communist. Obama was probably surveilled and written up right along with "Uncle Frank" as he was being tailed by FBI agents.

As you know, America’s Survival, Inc. obtained and released the Frank Marshall Davis file. Davis was under surveillance for 17 years. As a candidate for federal office, and then a Senator and now president, Obama never had to go through an FBI background check. Read all about Davis here. We have his 600-page FBI file.

Regarding he “birther” issue, back in 2009 I released a copy of my own birth certificate

In a release through Accuracy in Media, I said, “My birth certificate includes the names of my mother and father, my mother’s doctor, and the hospital in which I was born. This certified copy of an original long form document is what anyone who wants to be president should be prepared to produce. Why is this a controversy? It reveals that my mother’s maiden name was Beverly Ann Mason and my father’s name was Clifford Paul Kincaid. It says that my mother’s doctor was Walter Washburn. He certifies in the document that I was born at 8:38 in the morning. It says that I was born in Research Hospital in Jackson County, Kansas City, Missouri, on May 16, 1954. It says my father worked as a warehouse supervisor for Owens-Corning Fiberglas.”

By contrast, the “birth certificate” released by the Obama presidential campaign includes no name of a hospital, a location of that hospital, or a physician.

I concluded: “The contrast between what is on so many birth certificates for ordinary Americans, such as mine, versus what the Obama campaign has released, is striking. This contrast is what accounts for the many questions that have arisen and which have given rise to the so-called ‘Birther’ Movement. Many ordinary Americans are wondering why the major media have not explained why the Obama ‘birth certificate’ is so lacking in basic and essential information about where he was born and which doctor by name was there when he was born. If he was born in Hawaii, as he claims, then this information should be readily available and printed on the original birth certificate.”

My point is that there are loopholes in the system that have to be closed. There is no background check for candidates for federal office, including the presidency, and no requirement that they prove they are natural born citizens.

If we had a decent and honest press, the media would be on the side of the “birthers” in demanding that Obama prove he has the constitutional credentials to be president.

One thing we can do is demand that the new Congress re-establish the House Internal Security Committee to investigate the Marxist networks that included Frank Marshall Davis and the future president. This was the successor to the old House Committee on Un-American Activities, which helped uncover Soviet spy Alger Hiss, a top official of the U.S. State department and the founder of the United Nations. Such a committee would have subpoena power to force the executive agencies to comply with demands for information and documents. It would be able to force Obama executives and associates to testify under oath.

Can there be any doubt that the U.S. Government has been penetrated by foreign agents at the highest levels? That story has to be told before more damage is done.

I will have more on what you can do to help us in this effort in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned.

If you have any thoughts on any of this, please contact me at  Thank you for your support.

For America's Survival,


Cliff Kincaid, President

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