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January 19th, 2011 at 10:19 am EST

Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival, Inc.:

With the Chinese President in town, it’s worthwhile to draw attention to one of our first reports on the Obama administration, “Obama Prepares to Usher in China-dominated New Global Order.”

Everything is on track. The Republicans have no effective plan to counter any of this.

One thing all of us can do is draw attention to the massive human rights violations and repression of Christianity that are happening in China. Members of Congress from both parties have sent a letter to Obama about this.

Meanwhile, we have posted several new reports, some having to do with the media coverage of the Arizona massacre and the motives behind it. The latest is:

Is Media Malpractice a Form of Mental Illness? This explains why the media persist in blaming conservatives for the shootings.

I sincerely think many in the media may be almost as mentally disturbed as the shooter.

If our media are interested in a pattern, there is one: Jared Loughner and John Patrick Bedell, the Pentagon shooter, were both psychotic potheads.

For one of our reports on Bedell, please go to this:

Was the Pentagon Shooter an Obama-approved Pothead?

This report has photographs from the “Cannabis College” in Oakland, California.

Some think marijuana is harmless. Perhaps pot has clouded their minds. Examine the facts. Take a look at the evidence of the link between marijuana and psychosis.

British writer Peter Hitchens says:

There is another aspect of this case that the smug media seem to be avoiding. Look at the strange picture of the alleged killer Jared Loughner. He has just been arrested for a crime for which he could be put to death, if convicted. And he is smiling.

From this, and from many other things we already know about this man, it seems likely that he has lost his reason.

Why and how? The most likely cause is Loughner’s daily cannabis-smoking habit. The link between this drug and serious mental illness grows clearer every day. Wickedly, the dope lobby still tries to deny this and seeks to legalise it.

Loughner has been, for much of his short life, a habitual smoker of this so-called ‘soft’ organic drug. This is not in doubt. Police records, the testimony of U.S. army recruiters who rejected him partly on these grounds, and the accounts of several friends confirm that Loughner is a marijuana victim.

I disagree only in the sense that Loughner is a “victim.” He decided to use the drug.

Hitchens adds:

Cannabis is now effectively legal in Britain and in several parts of the USA, where this dangerous and unpredictable poison is ironically permitted for ‘medical use’.

Arizona voters, fooled by years of cynical and shameful ‘cannabis is harmless’ propaganda, approved just such a stupid law in November.

The town council of liberal Pima (scene of the murders) last week took the first step towards licensing ‘dispensaries’ for dope.

Help us spread the truth.

For America's Survival,


Cliff Kincaid, President

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