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January 14th, 2011 at 10:12 am EDT

Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival, Inc.:

I have located an honest journalist covering the Jared Loughner story. “The theory that right-wing talk show hosts stimulated Loughner to kill has largely collapsed,” notes Anthony Ventre, writing for Yahoo! News. “Most media has belatedly turned toward ascribing mental health problems to Loughner. Meanwhile, Loughner's reported drug use has hardly been mentioned.”

Except for AIM and a few other outlets, the direct drug connection to the shooting rampage has been largely ignored. This is not to say that his use of drugs has not been reported. His reported use of marijuana, cocaine, psychedelics, mushrooms, and salvia has been well-documented by those who knew him. What has been played down is the direct connection, in the form of scientific studies, between marijuana and other mind-altering drugs and psychosis – of the kind that Loughner exhibited and which drove him to kill.

There is a common misperception, fed in part by the stories about the supposed medical “benefits” of marijuana, that the substance is harmless. One person wrote me saying, “Smoking pot does NOT make people psychotic.  In fact, it dumbs them down, makes them eat too much, and makes people laugh.”

I suspect this perception is why so many in the media (some of whom may currently smoke pot) want to ignore the evidence of marijuana being linked to Loughner’s psychosis and shooting rampage. They figure that it must not be harmful since they can use the drug and function in society without going berserk.

Ventre notes, “Pot smoking isn't often associated with violence, but a controversial 15-year Swedish study among 45,000 soldiers concluded that heavy pot users are six times more likely to develop schizophrenia than non-users.”

This is one of many studies and articles over the years that found a connections. 

A good article is, “Does marijuana contribute to psychotic

illness?,” by Joseph M. Rey, MD, PhD , Honorary professor, department of psychological medicine, University of Sydney, Australia. He writes, “Evidence grows that marijuana use can cause acute psychosis, bring forward in time a first

schizophrenia episode, and worsen the prognosis of patients with psychotic disorders.”

CBS News carried an Associated Press story about some of the evidence. It said, “New findings on marijuana's damaging effect on the brain show the drug triggers temporary psychotic symptoms in some people, including hallucinations and paranoid delusions, doctors say.”

The Boston Globe carried an article, “Studies link psychosis, teenage marijuana use,” which noted, “Evidence is mounting that for some adolescents whose genes put them at added risk, heavy marijuana use could increase the chances of developing severe mental illness -- psychosis or schizophrenia.”

Leftists, potheads, and libertarians are trying to ridicule my columns on this danger and the evidence.

 Consider Jacob Sullum of Reason magazine. He wrote an article in 2003 on why heroin is supposedly less dangerous than alcohol and how people can use the drug without harmful effects. He compared heroin to nicotine. “Even daily opiate use is not necessarily inconsistent with a productive life,” he wrote.

“I smoke pot, and I like it,” wrote Will Wilkinson of the Cato Institute.

According to his friends and classmates, Loughner liked it too.

Loughner is responsible for what he did. But those who supplied him with these dangerous substances should be found and prosecuted as well.

For America's Survival,


Cliff Kincaid, President

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