News from America's Survival - 22 December 2010

December 22nd, 2010 at 7:04 am EST

Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival, Inc.:

The New START treaty with Russia is being rushed through the Senate, without an understanding of how much influence the released Russian spies had on the Obama Administration. It is apparent they had significant influence and that we have to assume that the Obama Administration is penetrated. The treaty gives Russia a strategic and tactical advantage in nuclear weapons.

In exchange for the treaty, Obama has promised Senate Republicans:

  • $80 billion over ten years for modernizing our nuclear weapons labs.
  • $100 billion for new nuclear weapons delivery systems.
  • A promise that we will continue to work on deployment of a defense against incoming missiles.

Ratification of the treaty is a trap. You know that Obama cannot be trusted. We must maintain our nuclear weapons capability and deterrent and remain number one in the world. This will be a major test ahead. In the New Year Obama will seek major defense cuts as a way to cut the deficit. He deliberately ignores the fact that national defense is the constitutional obligation of the federal government.

The good news is that conservatives control the House and will be able to initiate investigations of the Obama Administration. Any one of several scandals could be bigger than Watergate and result in Obama’s forced resignation.

One place to start is the Russian spy scandal.

Remember that the U.S. traded 10 Russian spies in the spy scandal to get 4 people in return. What a deal! Obama was desperate to contain the scandal and prevent the FBI from following their trail into the White House.

Documents in the case, as we have reported, demonstrate that the Russian agents were seeking information about the New START treaty with Russia and other nuclear weapons information. One document says four Obama Administration officials were specifically targeted in the intelligence-gathering effort. But their names were omitted from the Justice Department documents about the case. If they actively conspired with the Russians, shouldn’t they be identified and arrested and prosecuted?

Documents in the scandal demonstrate that the Russian intelligence service, the SVR, was interested in penetrating “think tanks” with influence over U.S. foreign policy. The SVR, the successor to the KGB, was especially interested in nuclear weapons-related information.

What we do know, based on public reports, is that one Russian agent had a job at Microsoft, another had been trying to cultivate a fundraiser for and friend of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and another had claimed contacts with a Clinton Administration official by the name of Leon Fuerth, who had been Vice President Al Gore’s top national security aide.

So we quickly found out that top Obama and Democratic Party officials had been targeted in this intelligence operation. Is this why the scandal had to go away?

The hastily-arranged “spy swap” ended any chance of finding out in detail in a public forum what kind of information the Russian intelligence service had been collecting and who in the U.S. Government had possibly been recruited or used as assets and contacts.

These are dangerous times for America. But we will be on the front lines, supporting those in the FBI and elsewhere trying to uncover and expose the treachery that threatens our survival as a nation. We can only succeed with your support.

Merry Christmas.

For America's Survival,


Cliff Kincaid, President

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